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@  Pilz : (01:44 PM)

lol yeah even my kids thought it was funny with the heads and limbs flying off ..

@  Aceron : (01:38 PM)

I agree Pilz best movie I have seen on quite a while but I can understand if it isnt for some people

@  swimpants : (01:07 PM)

made it to the middle . I leave the rest for the day I cant walk anymore. My gore buddies like it alot. some good cam shots

@  Pilz : (01:04 PM)

i quite liked turbo kid.. reminded me of hobo with a shotgun type movie :popcorn:

@  swimpants : (01:00 PM)

the little we know of. turbo kid isn't real!!

@  MrB...70 : (12:43 PM)

we have even surpassed some of star treks tech LOL

@  Aceron : (12:35 PM)

instant global communications through electronic?

@  MrB...70 : (12:32 PM)

@Aceron Imagine what they fantasized about just 100 years ago :)

@  Aceron : (12:29 PM)

LOL, ok after hearing this quote I am sold "People fantasize about maybe we could make shortcuts. Create wormholes and various kinds of warpdrives that may allow faster than light travel. The problem with all of those is that they are fantasy."

@  Aceron : (12:24 PM)

citizen mars? worth the DL?

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:15 PM)


@  eclipsemob : (02:58 PM)

nvm it's back to normal for now ,,,ignore my rant

@  eclipsemob : (02:54 PM)

i dont like how you click on the channels to what type of movie you want like divx or flash an you get sent to a page where it shows the tv shows an movies to the left...i hate it

@  Traceydeadhead : (01:32 PM)


@  rotor : (12:52 PM)

are you a robot?

@  captainbrita... : (11:38 AM)

I keep getting that Im not a robot DF page

@  swimpants : (10:34 AM)

and horns

@  tomy : (09:09 AM)

the one with the beard

@  Bravenewcosmos : (08:43 AM)

Which one is Miley?

@  Aceron : (08:39 AM)

They look like fun people to party with, to me.

@  swimpants : (07:59 AM)

we need something...

@  prewar41 : (06:34 AM)

End times are upon us....

@  Reeltime : (05:58 AM)

The Cyrus family is way past nipples bothering them. Here is the latest family photo, for real!http://www.people.co...0949085,00.html

@  Aceron : (02:04 AM)

Free the nipple! get over it people it is just a body part

@  Arimakihei : (09:02 PM)

tho I think it might just be decent in the long run

@  Arimakihei : (09:01 PM)

re:: Dark Matter - dammit, was hopin it would go another week beyond Defiance to bridge in case Fear the Walking Dead dont work out

@  airwolf36 : (07:39 PM)

now he is just her pimp

@  Bravenewcosmos : (07:38 PM)

Billy must be really proud of his daughter. Became a superstar country singer all so she could be a whore.

@  airwolf36 : (07:22 PM)


@  airwolf36 : (07:22 PM)

Miley Cirus just flashed a nipple on livr TV!

@  airwolf36 : (07:11 PM)

I thought tonight was the season finale for The Last Ship, but there is one more episode

@  airwolf36 : (07:00 PM)

they did a double airing of Dark Matter after Defiance so it ended the season the same time at Defiance

@  Bravenewcosmos : (06:58 PM)

Killjoys is kinda stupid. Watchable but... meh. Defiance i never got into. And Theyve taken Falling skies way too far.

@  Bravenewcosmos : (06:58 PM)

Dark Matter didnt end yet did it? I thought it had another epsiode to go

@  airwolf36 : (06:27 PM)

it's going to be quiet for me next week. No more Falling Skies, Killjoys, Dark Matter, Defiance, and I have to wait for Lost Girl for another week

@  Bravenewcosmos : (06:21 PM)

Elm street was one of the first horror movies my dad and i watched.

@  airwolf36 : (06:00 PM)

I remember going to see the orginal Elm Street in the theaters. I was scared for a week

@  hitmewitdarock : (05:55 PM)

R.I.P http://www.bbc.com/n...canada-34104752

@  Bravenewcosmos : (05:46 PM)

RIP Wes Craven

@  captainbrita... : (08:50 AM)

Turbo Shit (Kid) .... 80s low budget rip off .

@  anaberration : (08:09 AM)

Yes I agree Tracey, many thanks & good tidings MrB

@  anaberration : (08:06 AM)

G' Afternoon all (to us Yanks!)...

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:58 AM)

Site is running awesome for me now. :yourock: MrB

@  eclipsemob : (02:29 PM)

selfless is a decent movie but i expected alot more ...but it was a perfect link :hehehe:

@  Traceydeadhead : (06:30 AM)


@  EnzoMatrix : (02:46 AM)


@  MrB...70 : (08:12 PM)

I have kidnapped frukit for tonight. he won't be posting tonight cuz we's getting drunk bbq'ing :)

@  Traceydeadhead : (07:19 PM)


@  Traceydeadhead : (07:19 PM)

Bye Rooski

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:57 PM)

Hi Rooski

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    Shed painted again,bathroom tiled and painted,garden done...BOOM...can`t stand up but at least shit got done.

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    Had a bunch of fun filled days (NOT) with Windows 10 crap etc and getting the wife another PC.

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