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@  beekermagik : (09:26 AM)

ok working now :)

@  beekermagik : (09:26 AM)

let me try again baahahahahahaha

@  beekermagik : (09:25 AM)

i cant read what i type in shoutbox

@  barrybrennan : (08:47 AM)

hello everyone :)

@  jethro : (08:37 AM)

Welcome back Frukit. You were missed. At least by me. LOL

@  Ne12 : (07:29 AM)

@3toe Are you still having this problem?

@  3toe : (05:59 AM)

board.dailyflix.net wasnt working until i signed in through a sub in my history.

@  swimpants : (07:46 PM)


@  Traceydeadhead : (07:42 PM)

@Svnar that is a different site our site is board.dailyflix.net

@  Svnar : (07:30 PM)

I lose access a few weeks ago. Seems like cookie has a lot to do with it. I purge my system of all cookies each time I close my browser. Got lucky tonight . goolge found a link to shout box. Once I login every thing works.

@  Reeltime : (07:11 PM)

It indicates that Dailyflix is down. I can get on by going to the shoutbox and then logging on

@  Reeltime : (07:10 PM)

I am not sure what is going on, of course, but check this web site. http://downuptime.ne...yflix.net.html

@  Traceydeadhead : (06:32 PM)

Oh yeah definitely...my kids are 22 and nearly 21 so they don`t go on mine anymore..plus i have a password for when i leave the computer..and they`d rather use their own anyway :)

@  Ne12 : (06:12 PM)

my boys usually do too but sometime's they can be too lazy to go upstairs to theirs and will use mine instead. So yeah, better safe than sorry ;)

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:58 PM)

Oh okay i thought you meant someone could get at me through here..i`m never away from my pc for long and there`s only my son here and he goes on his own :geek:

@  Ne12 : (05:55 PM)

not for me it isn't, although no one touches my computer when I'm home/awake but I feel it's "better safe then sorry" when I'm not around :)

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:54 PM)

I leave all tabs open and never turn my pc off...i take it that`s not good lol

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:53 PM)

@Ne crap..so it`s not a good idea to stay logged on?

@  Ne12 : (05:46 PM)

@Traceydeadhead I sign out and run ccleaner every night before turning in, too many ppl going in and out of here to leave things open :)

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:43 PM)

sorry i`m no help cos i don`t log out

@  Ne12 : (05:42 PM)

looks like that only when going through a subforum link for me.

@  MrB...70 : (05:39 PM)

does the login screen look like this for you guys? http://i.imgur.com/HKWI0YJ.png

@  MrB...70 : (05:36 PM)

@Ne12 and everyone else. If i don't know what is causing the error then i can't fix it. I don't know where to look or where to begin to find the problem. I understand everyone frustrations. we are in the matrix and something is causing these problems. the problem is that i don't see the problems.

@  swimpants : (05:29 PM)

:btown: :bliss:

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:28 PM)

Lol can`t help it cos it`s usually me that all the shit happens to so i`m making the most of it :)

@  Red Hand Devil : (05:26 PM)

Stop showing off Trace LOL :)

@  Traceydeadhead : (05:25 PM)

I`m having no problem whatsoever :hatin:

@  Ne12 : (05:17 PM)

downforeveryoneorjustme.com is showing the site as down too http://i.imgur.com/ObqdXI8.png

@  MrB...70 : (05:14 PM)

I don't get this error at all so i can't figure out what is causing it. I'm clueless to what the error is.

@  MrB...70 : (05:12 PM)

as for other errors. it is either your service provider playing with things or some javascript setting on your system. My best guess is the java setting because of the relationship with a log in and the error... but its all guess work on my end if i don't know what is causing it.

@  Red Hand Devil : (05:10 PM)

I'm still gonna run with the "my laptop's magical" theory though B - much more fun :)

@  MrB...70 : (05:08 PM)

i brought up board.dailyflix.net because this link http://downuptime.ne...lyflix.net.html uses dailyflix without board.

@  jethro : (04:51 PM)

@ MrB...70 Just to let you know, I use the proper address and if I am not signed in I end up on the white screen. If I go to the "Main" site and hit the "Forums" button, I end up with the white screen. If I go to "Discussion" first and sign in, I can get into the Forums. in

@  MrB...70 : (04:50 PM)

yeah, we have it redirected that way. but its relied upon and therefore if you just type the correct address, there should be no issues. but hey, what do i know :)

@  Red Hand Devil : (04:47 PM)

Hey B :) I always just type in "D" in the address bar & "Dailyflix" comes up & then the site adjusts it to "board.dailyflix.net".. Should be the same for everyone tbh, but maybe my laptop is magical :)

@  MrB...70 : (04:35 PM)

this sites address is "board.dailyflix.net" not "dailyflix.net" we have addressed this numerous times in the past.

@  jmarcroyal : (03:40 PM)

hmm, glad everything seems normal to me, knock on wood...

@  Ne12 : (03:12 PM)

@Reeltime yes I was getting the same from downforeveryoneorjustme, but noticed I could access the site normally from my mobile phone (I don't sign out of here on my mobile but do on my computer). Hopefully it will all be sorted soon though

@  Reeltime : (03:09 PM)

No kidding!

@  mr. whiskers : (03:08 PM)

you lucky ! me too !

@  Reeltime : (03:02 PM)

Well, the URL showing up or down for web sites http://downuptime.ne...lyflix.net.html, indicates the Dailyflix is down. Not sure how I got back in as I was looking at old addresses and found one labeled "Shoutbox" and ended up here. No doubt lots of folks panicking.

@  Ne12 : (09:44 AM)

@Colt40five yeah, same here. It's being looked into until it's resolved you can avoid it by not signing out when you leave the site. But if you do need to sign out then you just have to keep coming in through a subforum for now. Sorry :(

@  jethro : (08:53 AM)

Me too. It's the Beatles White Album effect

@  hitmewitdarock : (08:09 AM)


@  Colt40five : (07:06 AM)

3rd day in a row I have to come in through a subforum and then log in in order to see the main forum page...

@  3toe : (03:17 AM)

oh man. the board wasnt working for me for days now. I guess i wasnt signed in.

@  swimpants : (06:56 PM)


@  Traceydeadhead : (04:16 PM)


@  Tarmac : (02:15 PM)

:420: :bliss: :tinfoil:

@  swimpants : (01:26 PM)


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