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Please use Posted Image tags when posting youtube links in the shoutbox, thank you. Link to back up site >>> http://board.comptone70.com :)
@  guise : (09:17 PM) my money is on the dresser
@  Sourcerer : (08:57 PM) My money is on Blofeld
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:44 PM) pretty partial to that one
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:44 PM) i still like the black hole theory for the malaysian airliner
@  mr. whiskers : (08:43 PM) The UFO's took anothr plane ?
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:42 PM) air asia over the java sea
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:41 PM) a plane has gone missing http://board.dailyfl...gapore-missing/
@  mr. whiskers : (07:38 PM) what are you trying to find ?
@  Blackwidow : (06:56 PM) How come my search isnt working? :(
@  MrB...70 : (05:54 PM) Yeah Buddy.... http://imgur.com/a/t2T4y
@  MrB...70 : (04:53 PM) @hitmewitdarock Nice. I wrapped some chicken breasts and pork loins. :)
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:47 PM) then wrap it real good with bacon and slow cook
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:47 PM) stuff it with whatever meat mixture
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:47 PM) take a big vidalia onoin and core it out
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:46 PM) i posted a vid awhile back
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:46 PM) ooh nice
@  MrB...70 : (04:44 PM) Got them bacon bombs on the grill. Slow and Low
@  mr. whiskers : (01:14 PM) :superduper:
@  mr. whiskers : (01:12 PM) :bag:
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:40 PM) mr head global. read the hidden forums please
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:37 PM) but no taste good with beer
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:36 PM) always maaan
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:36 PM) always maaan
@  MrB...70 : (08:28 PM) sippin' on that sysurrrrp
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:02 PM) D's cr soon
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:02 PM) bitches like smaug
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:01 PM) bada
@  CARkeyODDLY : (08:01 PM) bada
@  MrB...70 : (07:49 PM) http://www.cbsnews.c...ristmas-tweets/
@  anaberration : (03:56 PM) yuck-pina colada- tastes like suntan lotion....
@  xinher : (02:56 PM) oh i love the buttered popcorn jelly belly
@  Red Hand Devil : (02:36 PM) That doesnt sound very appetising Ana.. Pay a visit to the bathroom & get rid of that bad boy :)
@  anaberration : (01:48 PM) nothing like biting into a "buttered popcorn" flavored Jelly Belly to screw you up...
@  Tarmac : (01:16 PM) lol
@  Red Hand Devil : (01:07 PM) I didnt know there was a help section on here for Hemorrhoids & other arse-related problems? :)
@  Tarmac : (12:08 PM) I hear yeah, totally agree, the help section is great. They have saved my ass a few times..
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:42 AM) "Any key" key LOL
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:41 AM) In fairness to him Tar; DL'in takes a good bitta time to get the hang of when its all alien to ya. Took me me ages to work out what not to do - moreso, than what to do, because there's so much shit you can d/l that will fuck your shit up. I've had to wipe my whole laptop completely to get rid of all the bugs & virus's - it was that bad bro. Not to mention the amount of system restores i've done aswell.. One of the great things about DF, is that advice/help is always on hand, with all the good people eager to help you out if you run into trouble etc..
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:30 AM) Best cure for the shits, is to eat a load of powdered Bisto - that thickens the shit up :) "Bogroll in the fridge" - feckin class LOL..
@  Tarmac : (11:26 AM) I found him one day looking for the "any key", press any key to continue. lmfao that day.
@  Tarmac : (11:24 AM) I will dude, thanks bro. he keeps asking to show him how to DL stuff, i have tried, but he doesn't get it.
@  Tarmac : (11:20 AM) I suppose i'll put a bogroll in the fridge just in case.....
@  Tarmac : (11:19 AM) I have a few guinness there that will thicken it up....lmao
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:19 AM) WOW - yer Da is some man for one man.. Thats brilliant to hear :) Give him our best from everyone here Tar - especially from this Tyrone man :)
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:17 AM) Hope you have a 12 pk of bog roll too - for the shits you're gonna have in the morning big man LOL
@  Tarmac : (11:17 AM) No he is home, he was out after about a week. Back once a week to check his blood. Its crazy, they said he did better then people half his age.
@  Tarmac : (11:14 AM) tray of bulmers here with tarmac's name all over it......
@  Red Hand Devil : (11:12 AM) That's great man. And it does sound like he got lucky alright, but then again - maybe the medical experts werent doing their fuckin jobs properly in the 1st place either! It'll take him time to recover from that operation, but please God he'll be back foightin fit in no time :) I gather he's still in the hospital Tar? Then again, knowing Ireland atm - he was probably turfed out straight after the op ffs..
@  Tarmac : (11:10 AM) I love today when everybody goes home.....have a few beers when the madness is over.
@  Tarmac : (11:02 AM) we were lucky, surgeon gave him 6 months max if they hadn't found it. Lucky bastard lol

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    Dear Death, You have been a worthy opponent over the last 4 years around Christmas and New Years.I'll always remember the joy of waking up with tubes jammed into every orifice and not knowing who I was or who my friends were,but let us stop the game and go our separate ways because I have the antidote for whatever you do.I have a reason to live :) Now fuck you very much and thank you v...

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    HAPPY FESTIVUS! May ur pole be straight, ur feats be strong & your grievances be few.

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