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@  swimpants : (09:18 AM)

yo! yo. yo?

@  Ne12 : (08:02 PM)

I didn't even get an invite to it :(

@  babalon : (07:49 PM)

i missed the party? :comforthug:

@  beekermagik : (07:42 PM)

well i would like to thank you all for coming to the party

@  beekermagik : (04:33 PM)

well i hoped that helped tracey

@  beekermagik : (04:17 PM)


@  beekermagik : (04:11 PM)

yeh would be great if it wasnt facebook and I didnt do what i do lol

@  Aceron : (04:09 PM)


@  beekermagik : (04:03 PM)

might have to do something but not anything to do with fb

@  beekermagik : (04:03 PM)

:dancingtogether: Posted Image Posted Image

@  Aceron : (04:01 PM)

Maybe you need one of those new facebook drones that provide internet lying over your house

@  Aceron : (04:00 PM)

Chers Beek

@  beekermagik : (04:00 PM)

but get your sound fixed foirst

@  beekermagik : (03:59 PM)

imo you can do the upgrade

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:59 PM)

thanks everyone

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:59 PM)

ok thanks i`ll have a look now

@  beekermagik : (03:58 PM)

hi aceron

@  beekermagik : (03:58 PM)


@  beekermagik : (03:58 PM)

ok back PM trcey

@  Aceron : (03:58 PM)

The benefit is a fresh new filestructure built to your hardwares current state, a clean instal and kernel build on freash new media

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:57 PM)

i don`t think i`m savvy enough to do any of that unfortunately

@  Aceron : (03:57 PM)

It does require a little more work than just an upgrade. So if that is not interesting to you ignore me. =)

@  Aceron : (03:55 PM)

Many ways to do it, just expressing things that work for me.

@  Aceron : (03:55 PM)

Using a boot SSD for programs and OS and a storage spinner aleviates that problem.... but thats just me

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:55 PM)

why is that a better option? as you can probably tell i`m not great with this shit

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:54 PM)

I don`t fancy backing up all my movies and music tho

@  Aceron : (03:52 PM)

I myself would rather use the "create your media" 10 instal so that you could wipe your storage first. Then clean instal on a fresh format.

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:47 PM)

okay thanks beek

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:46 PM)

omg i just installed another update and the icon appeared in the task bar

@  beekermagik : (03:43 PM)

bout 5 more minutes on this upload lol Im going to have a cig brb

@  beekermagik : (03:42 PM)

i used up all our data for the month last month and now we are being throttled

@  beekermagik : (03:42 PM)

yeh this fricking sattelite internet we are on is so slow i cant use shoutbox on the other site lol

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:41 PM)

thanks beek

@  beekermagik : (03:40 PM)

ok im upping this program im 99% sure it will fix it

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:35 PM)

i added a tb and a gig of ram

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:34 PM)


@  Traceydeadhead : (03:33 PM)

it`s a mini Acer 2tb 5gig ram

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:33 PM)

everything was fine until i went to the direct download page

@  beekermagik : (03:31 PM)

what kind of puter do you have?

@  beekermagik : (03:30 PM)

this will work for 7 too

@  beekermagik : (03:30 PM)

o ok i thought this was a 10 issue

@  Traceydeadhead : (03:29 PM)

I`m still on windows 7 beek cos i don`t have the windows icon thing in the task bar

@  beekermagik : (03:28 PM)

let me get it for you

@  beekermagik : (03:26 PM)

i cant use the sb at the other front

@  beekermagik : (03:24 PM)

it has a serial so nothing hard to crack

@  beekermagik : (03:24 PM)

ok I think all you need to do is run a driver updater I have one for windows 10

@  beekermagik : (03:24 PM)


@  Traceydeadhead : (03:23 PM)

sorry beek was doing 3 system restores and none of them worked it just says an unspecified error occured and i still have no sound

@  beekermagik : (02:01 PM)

tracey you still here?

@  Traceydeadhead : (01:42 PM)

ok trhanks i`ll check it out

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      02 Aug

    Massive thanks to beek for helping me last night and Aceron..if i have forgot anyone i`m sorry but i had no sleep.I have installed win 10 in a half hour and it came on with sound..i can`t believe it.I have no audio cable in so i don`t know what that`s about but i`m not complaining.This is another prime example of why i won the award..thanks again everyone.

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      01 Aug

    Damn you for stealing my dealer, Sturgis! Conservation is not an option in regards to what one loves and the lackthereof wherefore will become what I abhor once more..

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      30 Jul

    WOW 9 members, 790 guests, 2 anonymous users , this site is dropping quicker than a call girls pantys and im guessing that 99% of the guests are bots crawling the site

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      27 Jul

    Don't shoot where it is, shoot where it's going to be. I'm surprised they didn't say that in Pixels.

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