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@  Razzle : (08:55 PM)

Frukit, you're the best. Thanks for posting the Shark Week vids. <3

@  hitmewitdarock : (06:20 PM)


@  Ne12 : (06:13 PM)

just shows, you don't mess with women ;)

@  hitmewitdarock : (05:34 PM)

oh wow, #teamcersei

@  Ne12 : (03:56 PM)

Yay!; Seems the episode has been leaked online again. Links posted here: http://board.dailyfl...e-9#entry555976

@  Ne12 : (03:40 PM)

Yes yes yes! :)

@  watusi512 : (03:32 PM)


@  Ne12 : (03:17 PM)

Oh and this episode will be 75 minutes long so links will be posted a little later than usual (as soon as possible after the epsiode ends that is)

@  Ne12 : (03:15 PM)

GOT time :) :) :)

@  Ne12 : (03:00 PM)

15 mins....

@  hitmewitdarock : (02:59 PM)

yay for killjoys, dark matter wasn't very good imo

@  Ne12 : (02:54 PM)

@airwolf36 I haven't watched either of those, GOT & TWD are basically the only things I set aside time to watch. Everything else is watched if I have time over :huh:

@  airwolf36 : (02:50 PM)

well, Dark Matter and Killjoys is comming back next Friday, no Defiance though

@  Ne12 : (02:25 PM)

50 mins until GOT

@  Ne12 : (02:09 PM)

@watusi512 I got mixed feelings about it actually, It's going to be awesome I can imagine, but going by past season finale's, someone everyone likes will probably die. It also means there will be no more GOT until next year. What will I do with my Sundays until then :sob:

@  MrB...70 : (01:59 PM)

@watusi512 Yes sir it is. :)

@  watusi512 : (01:54 PM)

:bliss: Can't wait for that one Ne! :chairdance:

@  Ne12 : (01:43 PM)

1 hour and 30 mins to go for Game of Thrones season final. It's supposed to be a longer than usual episode :)

@  watusi512 : (10:23 AM)

Is that Lake Perris Mr. B? I used to go there a lot as a kid...

@  Gino : (09:16 AM)

Hello any mod online? I made a duplicate post please delete this post http://board.dailyfl...violators-2015/

@  Ne12 : (05:53 PM)

yeah, looks really lovely. Nice to see you relaxing a little :)

@  hitmewitdarock : (05:32 PM)

looks nice b

@  MrB...70 : (05:05 PM)

The scene http://imgur.com/a/iMEY3 water was nice and cool.

@  MrB...70 : (04:59 PM)

Hey everyone. Been here and there lately due to a heavy work schedule. Had some fun today tho. Went to lake perris with the family to relieve some of this heat :)

@  Uncle Grandf... : (10:34 AM)

The sense unveils the cork.

@  puckwudgie : (09:15 AM)

Survival show 'Alone' -- Poor Justin the ex-Marine. Makes camp over swamp. Swamp floods. Perplexed. Remains in swamp. Uses gill net as hammock. Devotes all of his energy to catching/eating a mouse. Continues sleeping on gill net. Sings national anthem. :tmi:

@  hitmewitdarock : (04:27 PM)

this should be better http://board.dailyfl...ssion/?p=555624

@  beekermagik : (03:40 PM)

:DeathDealer: :DeathDealer: :DeathDealer: :DeathDealer: :DeathDealer: :DeathDealer:

@  beekermagik : (03:24 PM)

:UncleB: :JackieChan: :BruceLee: :chucknorris: :jig: :excited:

@  beekermagik : (03:23 PM)

wanted me to dl it

@  beekermagik : (03:23 PM)

hmm whats that?

@  hitmewitdarock : (03:13 PM)

ha, http://i.imgur.com/OcRc5t9.mp4

@  beekermagik : (03:03 PM)

tunes >>>>>>>>>>> http://listen.samclo...diobeek/?play=y

@  harley : (08:33 AM)

Anyone know how to watch the Glastonbury music festival if you're outside the UK? Thanks!

@  Brigant : (08:05 AM)

Now Now skamp, you naughty boy, please take the conversation to the appropriate thread.

@  Skamp : (05:02 AM)

Sod it,I'm off fishing

@  Skamp : (05:01 AM)

50% toe,only a complete idiot could fail to understand what would happen with a 50% drop,25% would represent a crash and bugger the country up

@  3toe : (04:45 AM)

housing cost should go down, but only because their economy is going to feel the negative impacts of that vote, definitely not by half though.

@  Skamp : (04:36 AM)

How big of a moron would one have to be to hope for a 50% reduction in house prices.

@  3toe : (03:08 AM)

Imagine a world where Boris and Trump are world leaders.... stop the planet and let me off.

@  3toe : (03:07 AM)

and that muppet Boris is maybe a replacement for Cameron...

@  3toe : (03:05 AM)

oh noooo....

@  hitmewitdarock : (12:24 AM)

nevermind, They voted to Leave the EU

@  Brigant : (11:25 PM)

For all the leavers: https://www.youtube....h?v=04854XqcfCY :bliss:

@  Brigant : (11:03 PM)

Brexit.50% fall in house prices please. Rise in Interest Rate for Pensioners please. Land Value Tax, and end the Lords please. Introduce proportional representation please.

@  kburra : (09:39 PM)

Any links for " Designated Survivor " Kiefer Sutherland??

@  buncombe : (08:04 PM)

good time to take a trip to the UK

@  buncombe : (08:04 PM)

Leave has won

@  Pipeskans : (05:22 PM)

its a brexit, 500k ahead

@  Pipeskans : (05:21 PM)

its a

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Today's TV Line Up

MONDAY JUNE 27, 2016

==== US/CA ====

12 Monkeys
19-2 CA
All In W/ Chris Hayes
After The Thrones
American Dad
American Ninja Warrior
Angie Tribeca
Antiques Roadshow
Are You the One?
The Bachelorette
Barbarians Rising
Big Brother
Big Brother After Dark
Black Ink Crew
Cake Wars
Devious Maids
Extreme Weight Loss (S06E01)
Fat N Furious
The Fosters
Hotel Impossible
Kids BBQ Championship
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Major Crimes
Mistresses (US)
Monica the Medium
Port Protection
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Rizzoli & Isles
Shark Week 2016
So You Think You Can Dance
Southern Charm
Street Outlaws
Teen Mom 2
The Vanishing Women

==== UK ====

24 Hours in A&E
Bargain Hunt
Crimewatch Roadshow
The Great British Sewing Bee
Handmade: By Royal Appointment
Judge Rinder's Crime Stories
Love Island
Made In Chelsea
Posh Pawnbrokers
Superfoods: The Real Story

==== AU/NZ ====

Australian Story
The Block NZ
The Briefcase AU
Have You Been Paying Attention?
Home and Away
House Rules
Love Child
Masterchef AU
Shortland Street NZ

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