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@  airwolf36 : (09:42 AM) I can't seem to find a confirmation online about which Terry Carter was killed last night. Some say he was a 55 year old business partner of Ice Cube, but the lawyer of Suge Knight said it was the man who played Colonel Tigh on the original Battlestar Galactica, but that would make him 86 years old
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:59 PM) there can be only one: the mighty grateful cow http://youtu.be/zpzji0z1pVU
@  anaberration : (02:56 PM) Shark Versus Cow: Which Is Deadlier? A mutant or SharkCow hybrid, now that's scary !
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:36 AM) mornin enzo
@  EnzoMatrix : (06:10 AM) :dramatic:
@  hitmewitdarock : (04:13 PM) hmm
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:20 AM) but then of course there would have had to be guns for that.
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:19 AM) it would be more interesting if paddington bear was a latin immigrant on the run from la migra in texas
@  anaberration : (05:47 AM) Paddington Bear !!! When the police discover that he's in London illegally from Darkest Peru, the immigration issues ensue. Hmmm, typical bureaucracy....Surprised Mr and Mrs Brown were not arrested for harboring Paddington Bear.
@  hitmewitdarock : (01:10 PM) "I'm just here so I won't get fined"
@  hitmewitdarock : (01:09 PM) same answer for all media questions
@  hitmewitdarock : (01:09 PM) lmao at marshawn lynch on media day at the super bowl http://board.dailyfl...media-day-2015/
@  hitmewitdarock : (11:40 AM) just remeber fans, its all the same song http://youtu.be/FY8SwIvxj8o
@  EnzoMatrix : (11:25 AM) No worries mate. I've been in a very involving game of "daddy fetch" for the past ten minutes myself.
@  rotor : (11:23 AM) thats tastee indeed. thank you
@  hitmewitdarock : (11:19 AM) new rocket porn from spacex today http://board.dailyfl...ight-animation/
@  rotor : (11:18 AM) sorry buddy, was afk. i havent even poked my head out side today. and dont plan on it :)
@  EnzoMatrix : (10:26 AM) Hey there rotor! Staying warm today?
@  rotor : (10:23 AM) Hey Enzo, long time
@  EnzoMatrix : (09:51 AM) :glomp:
@  anaberration : (08:21 PM) G'Nite all....
@  anaberration : (08:19 PM) omg the Iowa Freedom Summit, Sarah Palin could have stabbed herself in her right eye with a fork, that would have made more sense....
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:02 PM) shining moon :btown:
@  Red Hand Devil : (05:26 PM) "Shining Moon" at it again Pilz? LOL
@  Pilz : (12:19 PM) Movreel servers having issues acsessing files :btown:
@  anaberration : (08:38 AM) Now if you could control one via cell phone, well opening whole new can of worms then ! using 3G 4G...
@  hitmewitdarock : (08:32 AM) yeah
@  anaberration : (08:07 AM) I'm surprised a drone was not found on the White House grounds before now. Or that it's reported a drone was seen over the White House before. Must be due to range of transmitter, receiver. They block off alot of area around the White House.
@  hitmewitdarock : (07:39 AM) too much of a pain
@  EnzoMatrix : (07:39 AM) Just one more thing to look into. Too many projects going on at the same time. C'est la vie.
@  hitmewitdarock : (07:39 AM) yep. i dont use flashblock anymore
@  EnzoMatrix : (07:37 AM) I can see the channel. I can load the promo video, but when I click on any other vid & go to that new page, I can't get flashblock to load the vid.
@  EnzoMatrix : (07:35 AM) But yea, it went like this: "Daddy, they're all wearing the same swimsuit." "Yea." "Why?" "So they can get a scholarship." "Why?" "...uhhh...Do you want a yogurt before bed?"(distraction) "Okay." Phew.
@  hitmewitdarock : (07:32 AM) can you see his channel? https://www.youtube....HQEd30rQbuvCtTQ
@  EnzoMatrix : (07:31 AM) I'm still having troubles watching videos on the youtube website. I can watch imbedded vids FROM youtube, but not on the site. I'm guessing it's a flashblock issue.
@  hitmewitdarock : (07:28 AM) show them the john oliver comments on the miss america pagent :) https://www.youtube....h?v=oDPCmmZifE8
@  hitmewitdarock : (07:26 AM) haha
@  EnzoMatrix : (07:15 AM) It was fun explaining to my children what the Ms Universe pagent was while watching it last night.
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:50 AM) this is how i felt this morning :) http://i.imgur.com/onORlNF.jpg
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:50 AM) woohoo
@  EnzoMatrix : (06:49 AM) Now it's a party. Good morning.
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:45 AM) mornin
@  EnzoMatrix : (06:04 AM) :mondays:
@  hitmewitdarock : (06:46 PM) hola mate
@  Sourcerer : (05:32 PM) did i mis something in the doc
@  Sourcerer : (05:31 PM) what grand radar fuck up is that
@  Sourcerer : (05:31 PM) tower said 2600 as they ate land
@  Sourcerer : (05:30 PM) eror
@  Sourcerer : (05:30 PM) eroe
@  Sourcerer : (05:30 PM) how did the tower not kep them informed

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