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@  airwolf36 : (07:41 PM)


@  Ne12 : (07:40 PM)

@airwolf36 :comforthug:

@  rotor : (07:40 PM)

hope your day gets better for you brother

@  airwolf36 : (07:12 PM)

I had a crappy day, on my 4th beer. All I can count on right now are the people here, Sounds pathetic right? Just had a really crappy day and I thank those here who are more reliable than the people in my life

@  Ne12 : (11:14 PM)

no probs kburra. the issue with the unsubbed/subbed links for ep 5, 6 &12 are fixed. Unfortunately the subs for 12 are all that seems available atm. I'll keep an eye out for better ones and if anything shows up I'll replace them. Enjoy your day now, I'm off to bed :)

@  kburra : (10:59 PM)

Cheers Ne12 for quick reply,not complaing ..love this site

@  Ne12 : (09:14 PM)

@kburra hmm, that's odd. I just had a quick look at that thread and almost all streaming links are functioning. It does appear that episodes 5,6 &12 aren't hardcoded (I'll take care of that today) and rest assured, as a Swedish speaker, the subtitles for the Swedish parts at least, do match rather well imho. There are quite a few dead ddl links which I'll take care of soon as I can. Thanks for the heads-up :)

@  kburra : (08:41 PM)

I know you can only upload what is out there,but "The Hundred code" is a disaster,many dead streaming links.many HC English subs are not,some that are the text does not match the speech,yep not your fault,but just saying.

@  jump : (06:12 PM)

NM the guy wrotew the message at 707am

@  jump : (06:10 PM)

Hopw do i see when I joined?

@  hitmewitdarock : (05:14 PM)


@  Pilz : (10:13 AM)

did you look at the account settings ? sometimes you can disable convert ive seen before.

@  frukit : (10:10 AM)

just tried and they do re encode. sucks. but oh well.

@  Pilz : (10:08 AM)

not sure mate as i dont use that host .. Werewolf would probably know already ;)

@  frukit : (09:54 AM)

@Pilz do they convert xvid/mkv to mp4/flv?

@  Pilz : (09:07 AM)

@frukit Xvidstage is now RAPIDVIDEO.WS

@  Ne12 : (07:40 AM)


@  StUpId8000 : (07:27 AM)

QSS and ninja QSS and Ninja

@  frukit : (06:53 AM)

RIP xvidstage!

@  bloon : (03:08 AM)

i miss QSS

@  bloon : (03:07 AM)

joining in febuary 2012

@  bloon : (03:07 AM)

problem is i was one of the first hundred members

@  bloon : (03:06 AM)

its nice getting messages welcoming me to the site

@  Skamp : (03:05 AM)


@  powertortoise : (02:53 AM)

bet bloon feels welcome

@  Skamp : (02:21 AM)

Language Sir. Please !!!!!

@  Latecomer : (01:16 AM)

Still gutted they've canned Ultimate Survival Alaska. I realize the show was a little over the top, but I loved the dynamics of it, and the scenery was just spectacular.

@  jmarcroyal : (08:43 PM)

2 people together has its advantages but it has its problems too, it would be an interesting dynamic...

@  jmarcroyal : (08:42 PM)

I hope the next season is filmed in Northern Ontario, maybe in Temagami, That or Id like to see a version with 2 people stranded in a location having to survive together

@  jmarcroyal : (08:40 PM)

Solid show Alone, Its pretty much what Ive been hoping for with reality TV, ever since the early days of Survivorman

@  puckwudgie : (04:55 PM)


@  puckwudgie : (04:54 PM)

Fans of the 'Alone' survival program, I've spent a lot of time in the area, also in "survival" situations as a wild-eyed hermit. The producers tell several untruths. Red tide is not a problem where they are and especially not at that time of year. They just don't allow the contestants to eat shell fish because it is too easy. Anyone can get enough protein from muscles alone.

@  puckwudgie : (04:48 PM)

Email from my mother today: So apparently Game of Thrones is very popular. Should I watch it? Is it violent? Puck: Not really.

@  puckwudgie : (04:47 PM)

Zero months of winter here on Vancouver Island. We have six months of summer; spring and fall fight for what ever is left.

@  airwolf36 : (04:45 PM)

of course Canada wins, they have a winter that lasts 11 months

@  Timlikeen : (03:41 PM)

I have asthma.get $555.000.00 in 5 dollar bills and stash them in the U.G or you'll never see asthma again

@  rotor : (02:06 PM)

just talked to canada, they authorized me to thank you for the congrats

@  Timlikeen : (02:00 PM)

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

@  Timlikeen : (01:56 PM)

sure would be nice to post an update

@  Ne12 : (12:15 PM)

Congratulations Canada! World hockey champions once again! :happydance:

@  Traceydeadhead : (12:07 PM)


@  Ne12 : (10:15 AM)

@precocious :giggle:

@  precocious : (09:42 AM)

but there's an interesting devolopment http://i.imgur.com/NZ5uyad.jpg

@  Ne12 : (08:56 AM)

oh my, just watched the latest GOT and it's left me feeling a little like I did after having watched the Red Wedding episode :(

@  rotor : (02:45 AM)

theyre all early

@  hitmewitdarock : (11:16 PM)

wow, early morning

@  kanabus : (10:59 PM)

@frukit Thank you...you guys/gals are the best. :inluv: :bliss: :wub:

@  rotor : (08:31 PM)

enjoy! do it right and make sure you regret it.

@  frukit : (08:15 PM)

Having a birthday blast with B, he sends his regards. he's getting drunk off his ass LOL

@  frukit : (08:13 PM)

@kanabus damn fine!!!

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