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    • Bronwyne

      Foreign Topic Guidelines

      Please follow these basic rules when posting in the Foreign forums: Use the search function prior to posting to avoid posting a duplicate topic thread. Include the full IMDb title and release year in the title bar. The first tag should be the film's primary language(s) followed by the genre(s). DO NOT tick 'Use first tag as prefix.' All images must be hosted on an image hosting site that allows hotlinking. Include the correct IMDb link. Do not code the url. Include a brief plot summary. Group and identify links as either DivX / Flash / MKV / MP4. Indicate whether the links are English subbed or dubbed. Note whether subtitles are hard coded or soft. DO NOT post links to third party sites, torrent links, or RAR/ZIP files. Premium/Private links are only allowed if there are alternate links available that are not premium/private. DO NOT embed videos. DO NOT embed screenshots Detailed video info must be contained in a If any link(s) are dead or not working them. All Requests must be posted here: Foreign Movies / Foreign TV Shows / Foreign Documentaries If you want to say Thanks, use the button.

      Most other questions can be answered in our content posting guidelines.
      For those of you who are new to the Forum and as a reminder: DailyFlix Community Rules.
    • adamoceanking

      New Movie Topic Guidelines   10/23/2011

      Please take a moment to read the guidelines for starting a new topic on DailyFlix.   PreRetail -
      PreRetail Flix Topic Requirements (for streaming links)
      PreRetail WEB-DL Topic Guidelines (for DDL links)   DivX - DivX Topic Requirements   HD - HD Topic Requirements   MicroHD - MicroHD Topic Requirements   Flash|Flv - Flash | Flv Topic Requirements   MKV / MP4 (H264) - MKV / MP4 (H264) Topic Requirements   Direct Flix [DDL forums] - Direct Flix Topic Requirements   Foreign - Foreign Topic Guidelines   If you are still in need of assistance in posting please make a post here.   Thank You.   - DF Admin

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