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  1. Hi all, I read that the +entire+ Season 3 was supposed to come out today. Is there a chance we can get all episodes? I really adore this series. Thnx. Rgrds, R
  2. I was finally able to watch this ! I found a website (not this one, sorry) that hosts them all in 720p HD with yellow solid subtitles and an autoplay function. https://slimk1nd.nl/sk-series-fortitude-season-2/ Although now "clean" of the infestation (mammoth-iceage-wasps) animals and people still act strangely. A new murder leads to a new murder investigation. Our mystery expands. Things become darker and stranger. I am bingewatching this - I waited patiently until all eps (1-10) were out. It's going to be a looooong night. (I am free tomorrow).
  3. With Donald Trump's crazy allegations about wiretapping and Watergate I decided to rewatch some stuff. A great movie: All The President's Men. And a 3 part, totalling almost 4hrs, documentary series on Watergate. Enjoy! https://slimk1nd.nl/sk-moviez-all-the-presidents-men/
  4. My dear friends.... I watched a full HD 1080p with yellow old school subtitles of this and it was +absolutely+ amazing. Yes, slow-burn, but just a lovely movie to sit thru and watch in its entirety. There is a great copy available in the regular flash movie section. - fyi Rgrds, Ray
  5. I'll do another one since I like this thread. Right after I got divorced I started dating. I met this law-student online, she was roughly 7 yrs younger. We got to know each other and we went out on a nice date. She was a gorgeous black girl, charming company. We hung out for 2 hrs or so. We then started texting and hanging out more online. I offered to cook - she agreed and we would eat dinner at my place and then hang out and watch a movie. What kind of movies do you like, I'll download a good copy and we can hook the laptop up to the big screen and bla. She said "well I don't mind, just pick something you like". I enquired further and asked ... well action? drama? thriller? Yes, thriller would be good. I then listed some top thrillers I liked and as it turned out she hadn't seen Se7en. She liked Brad Pitt as well as Morgan Freeman, so we're all set. I spent the morning cleaning, then shopping and then preparing food. She was supposed to arrive say 3.30-ish, for cocktails or wine or whatever. I dressed up and waited. She didn't show up so I sent her a txt message, no response and later I left her a voice-mail - no response. I gave up at 5pm. I undressed, put on my sweatpants and decided which parts of the food I had to prepare and then eat alone. She called and said: "Yea I am on way, okay?" clearly stressed. I assumed she had a bad day so I said, maybe you wanna reschedule? No, she was terribly sorry, she really wanted to come for dinner and watch that movie since all her friends were raving about it. Okay. I dress up again, prepare the food so it just needs heating up. She arrives at like 7pm and comes in dressed like an escort. Thigh high heels. Incredibly short skirt, hawt frigging heels and some form of top that's like see-thru along the sides of her rib-cage. She also has this rather large sports-bag with her. We sit down, we eat and chat some and I am trying very hard not to constantly stare at that body and that skimpy outfit. I then turn on the movie and she begins to take off those thigh-high boots, takes off her top... and I am thinking, well this went easy, so I begin to undress as well. She says, "no, I am just getting comfy". She opens the sports-bag and takes out her sweatsuit/PJs and gets fully dressed again. I turn on Se7en (and a shirt) and we settle down w/ a glass of wine. She then takes out this big black book from her sportsbag and says "do you mind"? Ehm... no, of course not? She then sits away from me and begins to write in this black book, mouthing the words she's writing and then kind of practicing them. I sit there and try to focus on more wine (since alcohol helps) and Se7en. About an hour into the movie - with her just not watching it but writing in her black booklet - she says: "Okay I am ready, are you"? I am worried about what's coming next but I say ehm yea sure. She then begins to "rap" her "poetry" like the stuff she's been writing. But she's not reciting it, no she does it "rap/hiphop"-style in this odd mix of bad Dutch and even worse English. She also has these odd rap-handgestures with it and some type of steps/dance. At that point I know for a fact that she's nuts, so I stop the "performance" and say, hey look ... maybe you don't like this movie. And I am kind of tired. Maybe we want to reschedule this and do it some other night, ok? She then gets offended and says: "No I am staying, I brought my PJs, I am sleeping over". I then ask: "Sleep where"? There is just one bed here. Then I will sleep on the couch. No. You most definitely will not. Look, you're "rapping" in the middle of my living room, your pupils are dilated and you have been maniacally penning down deep and surely profound thoughts, but you gotta go. I'll call you a taxi, you can go home and work on your ehm poetry there, okay? Nope. She then turns on Se7en again. Sits down and asks, "why is this called Se7en again"? I then tried to make her sort of grasp reality and explained look if you're not leaving that's kind of odd. Since you cannot stay here and it's early so you'll have no trouble getting home safe. I don't need a hassle, please y'know just leave. Well, okay.... she begins to open that sportsbag, and she's putting on normal clothes and she will leave, but under one condition.... "I have to finish my poem". Ehm, yea sure. She then did her entire rap again and finished. And left. As she walked out, outside in the courtyard of our apartment building she recited her "rap" again, then signed it and stuck it in the doorway so all tenants would y'know read that wisdom before work the next morning. The title of this poem? "Number seven". And it was about her stabbing her dates. I am +not+ making this up. It scared the hell out of me. I kept it for a while since I was worried she might return and begin to stalk me. After she left I locked all the doors and windows and watched Se7en, blastingly drunk, in the dark. I've watched Se7en several times of course, but that viewing is my favourite.
  6. Oh this sounds great. I'd love to see this too
  7. And I posted this a while back. It's the exact opposite - a really wonderful movie experience, with Stanley Kubrick's 2001 epic. https://slimk1nd.nl/sk-moviez-2001-a-space-odyssey/
  8. Thanks all for sharing - there are some good ones here already. I have a few stories, I'll start with one. My movie/cinema experiences have been horrendous often, it's the reason I don't go to the cinema at all anymore. Well, just for the original saga Star Wars and then only in the morning, alone. This is 1997, Alien Resurrection. My wife and I bought an apt. close to where I used to play and hang out as a kid. It has an old cinema-moviehouse, 2 theaters and Alien Resurrection is playing. Great way to introduce her to the Alien series and she gets to see my old stomping ground. We're in theatre 1, about 30mins into the movie some kids set fire to a chair?/trashbin? in theatre 2. There is no smoke or alarm but the lights come on and we're all escorted out. We're outside the cinema, all waiting, while police and firemen walk into the cinema/theatre 2. It's cold so we enter a coffeeshop (the kind that sells weed) right next door. We're in the coffeeshop, looking at the cops/firemen and huddled people freezin their asses off (this is November). My wife keeps insisting fuck the movie, let's go home, this will take forever, but I am curious and getting stoned, so let's wait, it'll be over soon and then we can finish up Alien Resurrection. The manager of the cinema then begins pointing and screaming at the coffeeshop (we can see this, we're in front of the large window overlooking all of this). Cops come into the coffeeshop and begin to ask questions of these 2 Maroccans. They give them lip, so all people there are asked to empty their pockets. Line up and empty your pockets. I object, I explain I was watching a movie, I don't know these guys, we're gonna go back and watch that movie, but no. Empty pockets. Okay fine, we all comply. We're then told to leave. I then object again, this time to his tone and say something like hey man, this is a shit evening for us too okay, look at us, we're dressed up, we wanted to catch a movie and then some fucking dinner okay? He then grabs me and arrests me for insulting an officer. My wife then objects and comes to my defense and says something like "are you fucking kidding me man, it's date-night, don't be a dick"! She then also gets arrested. It took 4 hours, early morning before they released us... "with a warning" (no fine). We still hate fucking Alien Resurrection. The Cinema was later closed as was the coffeeshops, both attracted more and more (youth)crime. The Cinema and coffeeshop were attached to each other, part of the same structure. That structure was split in half. One half is a police-station. The other half is a mosque.
  9. http://board.dailyflix.net/topic/150697-cold-war-armageddon-2016/ Can somebody score eps4-5? I'd love to see the entire thing.
  10. Welsh

    Thanks! This is a great documentary series, this will keep me busy for a while.
  11. For those of you interested? This weekend is NBA All Star Weekend. There is a slamdunk contest on Saturday 8PM New Orleans time. Followed by the actual All Star Game, on Sunday, also at 8PM. For us Europeans that means we have to wait patiently. There is a site where you can watch NBA live, for free, but the quality is pretty crap and it means loads and loads of game interruptions because of advertising. If you wait a few hours, you can find a copy that you can stream of games, including the All Star Games in various HD qualities, without commercials, time-outs, etc. Just the games - meaning a nice 2 hour sit. I like the Golden State Warriors, I consider them the best team at present. You can find games here. Saturday's events will be up around 1-2pm EU times. And Monday come 1-2pm you can watch the entire All-Star Game. https://tvrex.net/ Enjoy! Rgrds, Ray P.S.: After that profound debate on the merits of tolerance and feminism, I really needed break. https://slimk1nd.nl/me-im-a-professional-victim-and-you/
  12. I recently saw an HD copy of this, with subtitles - I +really+ liked it. The pace, the music, just everything about it. It's a great movie to quasi-doze off with :)
  13. Yea the Andy Garcia ending. Where did those flying, chirping birds come from? They brought bird-genes and the two Passengers learned to ehm splice and mix genes? Or they brought frozen eggs/hybernated birds in pods that they released?
  14. Hi all, In one word? Fantastic. Art-work is great. Story is terrific (and it brings back childhood memories). Documentary is amazing. Enjoy! https://slimk1nd.nl/sk-docs-red-army/ Rgrds, Ray
  15. There's now 3 eps out, I am gonna wait - it's not that long, say end of march I can watch them all, but perhaps we get lucky before that time because somebody rips em all.