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  1. I'm not seeing Themes now on Firefox or Chrome and my favorite Carbon theme has been replaced by a pasty white one. No likey!
  2. Are you sure the FBI Ransomware is gone? It can sometimes stay hidden for a while and then pop up again. The following link goes into great detail on how to remove the virus and how to avoid getting it in the first place.
  3. Tracy, just tried Chrome and theme changing is working fine just as in FF.
  4. Which theme are you using, Bella? I use the Carbon one and with the new look I do find some of the writing hard to make out, specifically blue on grey. I may have to check out other themes to see if I can find one that is easier to read, although I am attached to this one. I don't use a mobile to visit DF so no problem there. Hope you work things out!
  5. Let's see if it's going to allow this post. OK, where to start. 1. 90% of the time I can't get here, I just get a blank screen. (Using latest FF). 2. When I can get here I can't get to the movies or TV. Just noticed that I can come here though. 3. The chat app is acting crazy. I posted a shout about 10 minutes ago and it showed up fine. Tried to post a followup, nothing. Tried again and got the message 'message already loading, please wait' or something to that effect, in red letters. Then I noticed that my previous shout had vanished, no sign of it at all. 4. I can get to the robot site but cant get to movies or TV there either. Somebody suggested on the separate chatango link that this is all down to increased security settings. OK, but how come you guys are getting past them, or so I assume, and I can't? Is it FF? It can't be Noscript as I allow all for this site. I could try turning uBlock off I guess but I don't think it can be that. Maybe I'll see if Chrome works any better. Any suggestions? I'm beginning to think DF hates me. Hey, it posted! Took six attempts though. Another edit: Tried Chrome, no difference. Tracey, if you're reading this, tried to reply to your shout but get the annoying and incomprehensible 'shout loading' message again. This is baffling. It's not so much the movie and TV links, I can get those elsewhere, although not so quickly and not with such reliable links. Its the social side. I enjoy reading what's going on even if I don't post much. Ah well, life's a bitch and then you die. Right, finally getting the hang of this. Links need to be clicked between 1 and 9 or ten times to get somewhere. That way I can at least use the forum again. No fun though. That's a record! Came back to fix a typo, it took 23 clicks to edit!
  6. Thanks, guys. I'm trying to catch up with Big Little Lies and finally found the first 2 episodes still up on The site is much slower than openload, etc but at least the shows were there. (The third show was no problem of course as it only went up last night.) I'd still like to know whether there are faster sites than that keep shows up, it took me around 15 minutes to dl each show whereas openload usually does it in 1 or 2 minutes.
  7. You know sometimes you want to watch a series that you missed when it first started. Maybe it's halfway through the season now. You go to its thread and try to dl the opening episode but after a few links with 'File deleted by administrator' you become discouraged. Rather then haphazardly trying every link I can I thought it would be easier to ask you guys what site TV shows last longest on.
  8. Well, I'll be damned. I'm getting 3 now, facebook, google and gstatic. Can't understand that, there were none showing when I posted. Oh well, the point stands, this is still a remarkably script-free site. (Wish I knew why the time discrepancy though.) Ah I see. When you visit the front page there are none. When you click General Discussion still none, then when you start a new thread or come to an existing one scripts show up. On edit now I have the 2 from FB and 2 from google you mention. And Bella, scripts are small programs executed in Javascript which load from other sites and are run while you're on the page you visited. They can show ads, report your browsing habits, and do all sorts of underhand things if they're malicious. Most of the time they won't cause harm unless you're careless about what limks you click on the net but they all take time to load and they can noticeably slow down your browsing. Yes, Tracy, NoScript is a real pain when you're new to it. Many sites won't work properly without scripts and it takes a lot of time to learn which ones are necessary and which ones aren't. Perseverance does pay off though, especially when you're using movie download links. Some of those sites have really infuriating scripts which adblock doesn't help with. For instance that stupid 'Your computer is infected. Contact us or your HD will be destroyed' rubbish which is BS but could be really worrying for some people. I used to get that every once in a while but it's a script and with NS I don't see it at all now. Stuff like that makes learning to use NS really worthwhile.
  9. Well, I'll be damned. I'm getting 3 now, facebook, google and gstatic. Can't understand that, there were none showing when I posted. Oh well, the point stands, this is still a remarkably script-free site. (Wish I knew why the time discrepancy though.)
  10. I just wanted to point something out which people may not realize. I surf the net using an addon called NoScript. It allows you to control which scripts you should allow to run and to check beforehand which are malicious ones. Most scripts are from advertisers or sites which track your browsing for the admen. You would be amazed how many scripts from other sites are run when you visit places like Amazon, Google, FB, etc. I've been to popular sites that have around 40 scripts which would be running if NS didn't stop them. Even message boards and forums have a bunch of scripts attached to them. Know how many scripts from elsewhere that DailyFlix tries to run when you visit? Zero, zilch, nada, none. Not one single solitary script. No advertisers, no trackers, no shonky scripts, nothing at all. I don't know how you do it, guys, but congratulations. You have one of the cleanest and most honest sites I've come across. The only other site that I can recall having no scripts is the NoScript site itself!
  11. Thanks, I'll try WinRAR next time I come up against this. Haven't still got the files, managed to find both movies on other sites in normal formats. Used to have WinRAR on my last PC but am using 7-Zip on this one. Clearly I need both. No, I don't think I've encountered a zipped file on a movie dl site before. Weird. You would think a zipped file would be smaller but these are both huge files, which makes me a little suspicious of them now I come to think of it.
  12. This is the one for Captain America: Civil War. And here's the one for X-Men Apocalypse. BTW I've found openload really fast for downloads at the right time of day and these are the first problems I've ever had with files there after using the site for a few months now. It and vidzi are my dl sites of choice.
  13. I've tried to download a couple of files from openload and rather than plain mp4 they had .pr after. Windows 8.1 had no idea what to do with the file. I'm guessing it's some sort of compression but 7Zip, which usually handles everything I throw at it, just gave up with this one. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks for the links but they're not exactly easy to see with white on white. Made them out by mouse hover though. :)