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  1. Hi.  Congrads on your reward posted here. I wonder if you have a sec to educate me. I can not get to this site except thru history.   Used to but that seems to be gone. Then add the comtune {sp} sorry..and gives me a screen I don't know what to do with so history it is. Am I missing something? Or is this a time of change? And I feel I must apologize for election result.....he is not my prez. Sorry

    1. paco12345


      No....really sorry

  2. Does anyone know what happened to this weeks show???? I wait with baited breath
  3. I just saw this today also. Candle lit. So many candles this year. GoFund says "Not Found" ?
  4. Error loading media...file could not be played.... or just wanted me to update something. Looked good ...any other download sites possible?? Gorillavid or vidbull or I could name a bunch more????Thanks for the upload even though I can't get it.
  5. seems to gone away
  6. My bad...imbd spoke of 12 spisodes. I thought they were from last year...but tube gave 2015 as the release. Sorry
  7. This is great ! Any chance of the rest of season 1? And, of course, thanks for posting.
  8. who are you ????between S. and this I am amazed
  9. any chance of getting 2..o3 again? I lost it along with the pilot....stupid me
  10. There is a new Lewis? Went to imdb and it was up Oct.2014?? Any chance?
  11. There is a new Lewis? Went to imdb and it was up Oct.2014?? Any chance?
  12. my tutorial...will start tomorrow...thanks
  13. Ok..thanks for the reply but I have no idea what you are talking about. Yes, I get that someting is taking memory only cuz I keep getting the " Your startup disc is full" thing. What are "they" using the memory for? Tiny person with a tiny computer doing very little ...??{ that I mean why me??} How do I find "about:addons-memory addon? And if I find it what will I understand it to mean? What is ADP ? How high is too high and what is ABE? Not that you should spend your time tutoring me. If you have the "Person who doesn't know enough to figure out what the fuck is going on with her computer" tutorial I will read it. SUPERanti Spyware? Does using caps. make it better or is that just the name of it. And, though I love the hands, I will wait for your reply before I go to fanboy. I can only take so much of your time. Thank you
  14. did my best ...ran a sophos on my computer. I have an adware thing I can not get rid of. Sophos said I had a trogan that began with a "g" ...I did the quarantied thing but it is still there! Any ideas?
  15. so tomorrow while I go to work...well before work I will download this and while I am working this malware thing will do it" s work???? I am so bad at this. But we will give it a try. It's a screen....not the girls in Nigeria not the idiot in Santa Barbara......just a screen.....yes no yes nooo.... everything is relative. Thanks for your help.