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  1. All links seem to be dead on this one. Found all the rest that I was looking for but not this one. Thanks Hush
  2. Won tickets on the radio for the opening of Phantasm at the local cinema in Colorado. Hell of a movie to see when you are young. Still the only movie that has really freaked me out. Also found out on day when the wife got home from work that she had cooked Patrick Swayze breakfast at her job at the local restaurant. Of course "Ghost" was her favorite movie at that time so she was really thrilled..... Next day there was a bear digging threw the trash when she went to go to work in the morning.... Hush
  3. ??
  4. Thanks DD I checked veehd and can't do anything there till the server migration is finished, and I always forget about stagevu. Haven't gotten anything from there in a couple years. Hush
  5. Looking for Tremors 2: Aftershock Divx pref but any format is ok Thanks Hush
  6. Yup Your turn
  7. Who's afraid of virginia wolf
  8. Damn, I was thinking right, but hadn't seen it in years.
  9. Nope, try again.
  10. Airplane
  11. 2013 series Haven't been able to find a copy of this series anywhere. Thanks Hush