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  1. Needs to be left alone, IMO.
  2. Hey Craig. The Cool Fire IV is a solid machine. And with a decent Heisenberg. S'all good.
  3. I used to smoke some shit back in the day but this is ridiculous.
  4. how did booth at the end guy not get his fingers lopped? at least?
  5. Blown away by this film since I saw it 30 or more years ago. Seriously a top 3 movie. Harrowing and thought-provoking.
  6. Haha - good write-up, Ray. I quite liked the cheesyness of it. I liked Michael Sheen as the bar man android on his quick monocycle/segway/legs - like some futuristic version of the barman out of The Shining. I liked how annoying the Pop-up Ship's Customer Services were. Reminded me of that Social Media Black Mirror episode. Yeah, it was severely lacking in depth, but as scifi starved as I feel right now, I'll take anything based on a ship in space.
  7. Holding out for this one, too. Pretty sure we'll be amongst the first to hear when a decent copy comes out.
  8. Some short films just get to you. I loved the top pick "The Procedure" https://vimeo.com/193729267 Thanks for putting these out there, I wouldn't have known otherwise. During that screening I scrubbed my screen trying to get that dirty mark off the back wall. (thought it was some of my own splutter). Nope. Vimeo's great for HD (even when you don't ask for it). Lack of population, I suppose, but so refreshing.
  9. Well, the subject matter is going back a bit, but I loved the Imitation Game. Coupled with a visit to Bletchley Park, the work that those men and women did really hits home.
  10. Incorporated IMdB Info Sci-Fi, Thriller S01E01 http://watchers.to/cuano5lwqtph.html
  11. http://board.dailyflix.net/topic/148448-incorporated-2016/
  12. Will be checking out the blog Slim Kind. See how you've already stimulated debate.
  13. My condolences. Words are never enough. Good memories is what we have.
  14. Ray I love reading your stuff. Keep it coming, man! You should blog this.
  15. Wow you guys must have money to burn!! I love the look of the last two in your set Nailz, what are they? 3 years clean of the dirty cigs now (after being a 30 year smoker) and never looking back. By the way you did my Bladerunner sig at MP!! (majic)