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  1. Arrival (2016) 8/10 I stumbled over the short story that the movie is based upon some little time ago now. I loved it, a gem of a story with some strong emotional and intellectual grounding - exactly the sort of thing that makes a classic piece of science fiction. (And I have to say, short stories seem to make the best bases for movies: just think of 2001: A Space Odyssey, based upon the short story Sentinel.) The short story is The Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang, in a collection of the same title. I was a little worried about the movie, just as to how it was going to portray the heavily internalised form of the story. I was also a little worried about the casting of Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye from the Marvel movies. I needn't have worried, he was great - though the movie was pretty well owned by Amy Adams who was terrific. Forest Whitaker as the Colonel, however, was a disaster - I just don't get why folk keep rating him as anything more than a hack actor. Anyway, the movie was terrific. The aliens and the alien language were presented wonderfully, and Adams really sold the whole 'What the fuck is this!?' tone of the encounter... I'm not sure that I would have got everything if I wasn't already familiar with the story, but even just as spectacle it was great... So, 8/10 - with the wooden Colonel being the element that made me drop those 2 appreciation points! Great movie :-)
  2. Arrival (2016) - I know that there are several screener copies of this movie already out there, but to date every copy that I've seen appears to have the light levels set to 'too bastard dark to see anything'. Has anyone seen a copy that doesn't require me to frig VLC settings in order to see what the hell is going on? Thanks, N
  3. Donald Trump insult of the week... "fascist, loofah-faced shit-gibbon", Sen. Daylin Leach.

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    2. Sourcerer


      funny stuff profn

    3. Razzle


      The Scottish have the best insults. I'm sure you've seen this, but it's worth a revisit. hehehe

    4. Sourcerer


      You mangled apricot hellbeast! lol

  4. So... Who's up for a deadpool on Prez Drumpf!?

    1. Bukcherry


      I call it Trunt.

  5. I know, I know, okay! Handwriting analysis is complete crock pseudoscientific bullshit. But I have to share this article simply for the beautiful description of Trump's way of signing his name: Rather than a literate person, this signature conjures someone who would very much like to write in script one day. For now, he has learned to assiduously move his pen up and down while counting to three in his head. (
  6. So... I guess now we know for sure, Orange really /is/ the New Black!

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    2. Bukcherry


      The people know the truth Tracey don't fret :)

    3. ProfN


      I shall stamp my feet and channel my internal, presidential 6-year-old! :)

    4. Traceydeadhead
  7. Jeez but I need new reading specs... I thought the title was Torture by Preppers! LMAO! Totally different programme!!
  8. Good on yer... Cheers :)
  9. Hey Ray :) Is that copy of "Arrival" the DVD screener doing the rounds or is there a better copy, man? I have it downloaded & i'm about 25 mins in - but it's pretty dark & the quality isnt great - even for DVD standards.. Same question here... I had it all lined up ready to watch tonight, but it's practically unviewable! I guess I could play around with it and adjust stuff, but if there's a better version already..?
  10. "It reportedly showed signs of abuse, and the police report said the dog is very aggressive." Well, d'uh! Dear God on Earth but some people are fucking weird!
  11. Say what you like about Trump, he knows how to project 'batshit-crazy old fucker' doesn't he!

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    2. Bukcherry


      If as people we concentrate on important issues like redistribution of wealth and less corruption in the system , less about whether or not Trump witnessed some prozzie pissings things might improve otherwise it's going to keep stalling every day for a triviality session , this all works two ways and the press will give you as much triviality as you want at the cost of everything else just take a look at what happened in the election , people were sucker punched by Trump off the back of a...

    3. Bukcherry


      ll the weird attention grabbing things he said . Be warned .

    4. Razzle


      Paralytic fear isn't good, but neither is denialism. .


      And yes, it might be a good idea to switch this to the underground.

  12. After the year we've had, who can blame them if they run away and hide... I wonder if they're accepting new memberships!?
  14. It's of a piece with the whole comb-over business; just trying too hard. And yeah, you've gotta respect science in these matters! LOL!
  15. So... Take a quick look at your hand. In most cases, blokes' ring fingers are noticeably larger than their index fingers; for women, the opposite is true. Beyond the vague appeal to 'hormone levels', I don't believe that anyone has a definitive answer for why this should be so. However, take a look at this picture of The Donald: Those ring fingers sure look a little shorter to me! Perhaps this is why he tried so very hard to sound 'Alpha Male' on that bus? A case of over-compensation perhaps!?