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  1. Houston We Have a Problem..... the above MORITZ links are only showing 40m.58sec which means they are incomplete.... Not sure about the bling links though.
  2. r6FceJ6.jpg



    For you Tramps (2016)  in pre-retail flix flash

  3. Any chance of a Dubbed version ??? THX
  4. Season 5 episode 12 Finale
  5. Your Ransom link overload when opened gives off a red warning page but when used in this version it works perfectly  


    1. Ne12


      Odd..I see what you mean when using chrome to open the link, but works fine with FF. Thanks for the heads up captainbritain67.

    2. Ne12


      Found the issue and fixed it all now. Please let me know if I missed anything and thank you again for the "heads up" on this. :)

  6. Would love a Dubbed Copy ....
  7. Any chance of 720p or 1080p please currently have a pixelated version .... :'( Thanks. Cap.
  8. Any chance of English Subs for Chinese bits please....
  9. Any chance of a BRRip on Openload , Many Thanks. CAP.
  10. Flash

  11. Flash

    The.matchbreaker.2016.hdrip.xvid.ac3-EVO.mp4 ""]"]
  12. Not Out Til June .....
  13. Flash