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  1. Bigly B-day Greets Em-En! Hope your well, as in alive and kicking.

  2. Thank you. Me too.
  3. Thank you all. So, what did i miss?
  4. Hello, While i'm not new here, I might as well be. As it seems like i have been gone forever. It is good to be back. I have had pc issues (still am having issues but not complaining since it is actually running again) and some health issues. (Still am having issues but not complaining since I have improved a lot from a year ago) Missed you all and soon as I get this pc sorta out again I hope to see what has been going on in df. ...any drama I missed?
  5. How are you doing man?

  6. I don't buy this, sorry. I see your point, but I think you're splitting hairs here and it doesn't hold up anyway. A hero is a teacher who inspires or a fireman who saves a child. These are not extraordinary things. James Bond is also sometimes referred to as a superhero despite not being within the superhero genre whereas Kick Ass is. Sure they are vigilantes, but they are also superheroes: it doesn't matter if they have fantastical powers or not. Hit Girl has amazing combat powers for a 10 year old girl. It may not stem from gamma rays but it's still extraordinary stuff (to the point of fantasy, which is also what superhero stories are). Similarly, the character of Kick Ass himself: he goes on a journey from wanting to be a superhero to actually becoming one in the finale with the jetpack. That's what this film is about and it's why that particular Elvis track, 'Hallelujah' was used in that moment. Many superheroes are vigilantes but they don't all have to have fantastical powers. To my knowledge, both Hawkeye and Black Widow - of The Avengers - don't have much fantastical power. If I'm wrong there are probably other examples from Marvel. DC Comics' Batman is possibly the best example of a vigilante with no fantastical powers. He is very similar to Hit Girl and Big Daddy: their power comes with skill and use of equipment and he - like them - is able to do extraordinary things. That's what a superhero is and why Hit Girl and Big Daddy are not mere heroes. Throughout the film they are used to show us what a true superhero looks like compared to Kick Ass. Before he finally becomes one himself at the end he is merely a hero, like when he becomes famous on the internet. This was for doing not particularly extraordinary things, like standing up to street thugs. Only with the jetpack and a new-found bravery as opposed to stupidity does he go beyond hero to the point of superhero. That's got nothing to do with it and I actually thought it was an American film. It's just smarter, cooler and a lot more fun as far as I'm concerned. As to plot, The Avengers can't compare to Kick Ass. The latter is original, the former is just Bad Guy Wants To Rule The World. We've seen it hundreds of times. It's not something I am particularly critical of though, as I said, the plot ain't important for an Avengers movie. I dare say we're going to have to agree to disagree on that one. Good thing I'm not trying to sell it. lol. But as a comic reader for over 40 years there is a distinction. Outside the comminity the use of superhero is the generic uninformed term that is designed as a catch-all. And no, Hawkeye is not a superhero, although he does have a cybernetic eye iirc. The Black widow is like 90 years old. She knew Cap during WWII when she was a kid. As to story, you realise that ALL the shows culminate with The Avengers. It is not a stand alone show. The Avengers just was written to tie them together, very well for this type film. As to the point of the Brit writers, there is a point. They have used American comic book heroes and turned them into something different. Making Batman's parents orgyfied, drugged out monsters, Superman a Commie, the Sandman had things beyond the pale like necrophelia etc. And lots of other twists of traditional creations they think is cool or inventive. And lots and lots and lots of mindless blood and gore in their version of comics. Because it sells! People like it. And now they are going that route now with various titles in the US, Hulk and a world destroying cannibal (lots of cannibalization appearing for some reason. Weird) Because the sicker it is, the more it sells. Kick-Ass wasn't original though. That story has been done before. My favorite kid that kills was another Marvel creation from like 25-30 years ago, Dr Death with Kip and Muffy (which I think is a film to appear next year. I just looked it up. Whoo hoo I hope they do it right!) But even it was nothing really original. And agreeing to disagree is cool. I like the philosophy myself. Glad you liked Kick-Ass. Sorry you did not like Avengers. One is dark and one is light. I like Light for a change myself. A movie you can watch with your family type thing. But that is the beauty of tastes and preferences. They are all different in some way. Be it big or small.
  7. I'd not say it is better. But I'd say it is equally as good. But while the phrase 'apples and oranges' is a rather overused phrase, it does seem to apply here. While they may be considered comic book films they are really nothing alike. As the MPAA rating would indicate, Kick-ass was made for a niche audience. Whereas the Avengers is made for a wider spectrum of viewers. But I loved both films. Just for difference reasons and different ways. Ah but the title of this topic is 'Avengers - best Marvel movie ever'. I already responded on-topic earlier in the thread, so my comparing apples to oranges is exactly that and I knew full well what I was doing. Thus I mention Kick Ass purely 'cos it gots superheroes in it, to emphasize that Avengers is not alone in being great, it's just that few Marvel films have previously truly been so. I do also think a topic like this does beg the question of how The Avengers holds up in the wider superhero movie genre. It's easy to say comparing it to The Dark Knight is like apples and oranges too because they are from different origins and more pertinently that Avengers is a 'superhero ensemble' movie whereas its DC cousin is not, but I don't see why we can't state where we prefer an apple over an orange and it's good to have an opinion and our own taste. Back to The Avengers vs Kick Ass though, yes they are on a par given both are at the higher end of the 'great movie' scale, but for me Kick Ass is slicker, smarter and more full of love for it's subject as well as having, in my opinion, the best superheroes in Hit Girl and Big Daddy. The Hulk, traditionally never one of my favourites, in my view really helps elevate The Avengers with his comedy-straight man played to a perfect tee amongst other good points about his on-screen portrayal here. The decent performance of the villain, the surprisingly good portrayal of Black Widow (including that great introduction scene), the odd line from Thor and the continuing excellence of Downey amongst various other things make for a great film but to me it was Hulk that really hit the sweet spot. Even so, I didn't realize it when I saw it the first time but on second viewing The Avengers can seem to be rather slow in getting going unlike Kick Ass that barely lets up the pace after a 10/10 start. It's not that noticeable to most of us but on second viewing the context brought up a factor where I think Kick Ass nudges ahead... I watched both of these films on separate occasions at night with someone with very basic English vocabulary. She can pick out some words she knows but the specifics of things would not be understood. I have basic Thai and thus together we don't need subtitles or dubs to watch anything in English or Thai for us to both follow the English or Thai movie because the native speaker can translate the basics of what's going on. With Kick Ass she was into it from that wonderful first minute to the very end. This is because the talkie parts were short, easily defineable and entertaining in themselves. When it came to The Avengers she'd begun falling asleep long before because there were too many times where for too long at a time people were standing around discussing by who. A few days later we gave it another go and this time she made the effort through these slower parts that to us English speakers didn't seem slow because we found all the superhero and suchlike quite the novelty in this ensemble context. It's not important to understand the plot details (or whatever) of these kinds of films because the main thing is watching the whizz-bang spectacle and being mindlessly carried along, but although on the second attempt she really enjoyed it by the end this very specific scenario in which I experienced The Avengers showed me it lacks very slightly where Kick Ass really doesn't. Finally, I'd just like to suggest that the lack of true on-topic discussion in this thread, namely Marvel-based movies, really must go to show that in truth the majority of live action versions of Marvel has not been all that good. No wonder people are loving this film, because previously there was just a minority of movies that could possibly match up to our expectations from the comics and animated series. And that's where until now DC probably had the edge. I doubt I will say any of this right at this time. But I stalled long enough. Bear with me ok? First. Kick-Ass has no superheroes. Merely heroes. Well, not 'merely' but you get the idea. It makes a big difference though. It is not a small distinction. Yes, you have people dressing up and doing outregeous stuff but it is more James Bond type stuff. When you write a script for people with actual superpowers it is 100% different. Which is why you have many, many, many, oh-so many vigalante films (which is what Kick ass is) but so few superhero films (which is what The Avengers is). Kick-ass was written by a Brit and the screenplay by a Brit. So maybe that is why you lean to it perhaps? It is a different cup of tea, perhaps. Millar has done some critically acclaimed superheo comics (although he has many destractors as well) The avengers was cleverly written and directed by Whedon. And I disagree that plot is unimportant. Totally. Yes, the gee-whiz effects are important. But to me they are totally wasted without plot and dialogue. If I felt that way I'd just ignore everything said. But hey, takes all kinds and not all movies are for everyone. That is what makes life so sweet. All that said, I like kick-Ass. I like avengers. But they are only comparable in the slimmest of ways. Costumed vigilantism. They are for totally different viewing audiences. (the MPAA indicatesthat) Luckily I fit in both audiences.
  8. I'd not say it is better. But I'd say it is equally as good. But while the phrase 'apples and oranges' is a rather overused phrase, it does seem to apply here. While they may be considered comic book films they are really nothing alike. As the MPAA rating would indicate, Kick-ass was made for a niche audience. Whereas the Avengers is made for a wider spectrum of viewers. But I loved both films. Just for difference reasons and different ways.
  9. Kind of gives lie to all the carping the MPAA does about the losses piaracy costs them. Absolutely MN.. this is guaranteed to be one hugely uploaded movie.. and the box office won't even feel a nibble from it. I hope the actors were smart enough to get a percentage of the box office attached to their contract.. I do not know about the other actors but Robert Downey Jr is reported to make 50+ million in percentages. His lawyers renegociated his contract after the first Iron Man. He sort of had them over a barrel at the time. And now that the Avengers is breaking all sorts of records he is set to bring in some serious scratch.
  10. The first Easter Egg is a foreshadowing teaser, much like from the others. The last Easter Egg is just for the pleasure of it. Although it does tie up a small loose end the movie provided.
  11. Kind of gives lie to all the carping the MPAA does about the losses piaracy costs them.
  12. You're walking. And you don't always realize it, but you're always falling. With each step you fall forward slightly. And then catch yourself from falling. Over and over, you're falling. And then catching yourself from falling. And this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time.

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      Yeah. I heard O Superman yesterday on some commercial. No idea what the commercial was but the music brought me back to 1983. Music made for stoners.

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  13. Goes to show, give Whedon a eye-popping budget and he can deliver. Wayyyyyy too early in Avengers-Thano's story arc to introduce the Infinity Gauntlet. Besides that was not just Avengers but pretty much every super hero and villain Marvel has. Thanos needs no gauntlet to be a Death-worshipping badass Titan.
  14. I waited to decide. But I like Grimm better than OUAT. Even with rather cheesy effects and a story that is a total mystery. And even wih Disney backing OUAT and it looking so much sleeker. But Grimm has a lot more mystery and suspence. An interesting, if far-fetched premise. And to be fair, a lot of wtf-is-going-on-moments. But the werewolf friend, the beaver community and the well, it is all held my interest so far. No easy task cause I have a really short attention sp...errr what was I talking about?
  15. i feel the same way. but......i gotta give him credit, he is a good actor. what i do, is i see the character and not the actor. for me, tom cruise was not in it, ethan hunt was. at least that is how i go about it. i feel the same way. but......i gotta give him credit, he is a good actor. what i do, is i see the character and not the actor. for me, tom cruise was not in it, ethan hunt was. at least that is how i go about it. I hear what you are saying Venerable Uncle Grandfather. It is why, as a general rule, I try my best to know absolutely nothing about actors. Like Kevin Spacey said about his private life. The more people know about the actor, the harder it is to act the part believably. The less they know, the easier it is to morph into a role. All that said, something about Cruise just makes me want to do bloody things to him when I see him. And all I used to see looking at him on screen was his lack of a chin and that big probosis. Now I look at the chin implant. Cannot take my eyes off it. Bear in mind, there are folks in the film industry I 'boycott' because of things I know about them. Like the child molster Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers films. Once you know about him, you see his movies are more than they seem. And yes, I avoid Roman Polanski's stuff. I know, I Know. Maybe I shouldn't but....some things I cannot abide. Anyway, it is nothing Cruise is, or does that bugs me. (although I think he is a raving loon but so are lots of actors I like) But seeing him in Legend onward & etc, I coud not defne why but I hated him. Shame really. Some of the films he has been in I liked (aside from him) Last Samurai etc (I'm a HUGE Watanabe fan)