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Found 19 results

  1. Follows a group of affluent young Persian-American friends who juggle their flamboyant, fast-paced L.A. lifestyles with the demands of their families and traditions. Shahs.Of.Sunset.S03E02.WebRip-NoGrp
  2. News series featuring startling, groundbreaking stories from around the world. season 1 episode 1 killer kid's season1 episode 2 bad borders season1 episode 3 guns & ammo season 1 episode 4 winners & losers season 1 episode 5 Mormon Lost Boys
  3. The.Last.Alaskans.S01E01.720p.HDTV.DailyFliX.XviD.avi 648.5 MB Non-DivX
  4. Follow the life of singer Mariah Carey as she begins her “The Sweet Sweet Fantasy” Tour around Europe and plans to get married. Mariahs.World.S01E01.For.Love.of.the.Tour.XviD.AFG.avi, Size 610 MB FileRio: FileRio: ClickNUpload: ClickNUpload: Uploadz: UploadAF: UpToBox: UpToBox: Userscloud: Userscloud:
  5. it's about the way young people are making money today. It's about the lengths people will go to to pay their bills on time and support themselves, and sometimes, a family. We follow a group of 20-somethings over the course of a single pay-period to see what they spend their money on, how they overcome struggle, and what pushes them to keep going. payday.s01e01.480p.hdtv.x264.mkv, Size 179 MB FileRio: FileRio: ClickNUpload: UploadAF: ClickNUpload: Uploadz: UpToBox: UpToBox: Userscloud: Userscloud:
  6. Your house should be a place where we feel most comfortable, but to someone who wants to pose a threat, there’s no better way to get inside your life than to get inside your home. Let the wrong person in and it could be the last mistake you ever make. A STRANGER IN MY HOME is the perfect blend of mystery and suspense, telling stories of what happens when strangers come together under one roof and begin new relationships. You might think you can trust this new acquaintance, but looks can be deceiving.
  7. On Sex Sent Me to the ER, Discovery Fit and Health shows you hilarious and horrifying sex-related injuries. Season One sex sent me to the er 0102-yestv wso sex sent me to the er 0104-yestv wso sex sent me to the er 0105-yestv
  8. Blood Sweat and Heels (2014– ) Blood.Sweat.and.Heels.S02E01.mp4 Size: 157.5 MB Blood.Sweat.and.Heels.S02E02.For.Vixens.hdtv.mp4 Size: 146.7 MB
  9. Ever since Plato first wrote about the mysterious island of Atlantis, it has captured the imagination of adventurers and academics alike. Was Atlantis merely a myth, or could it have actually existed in the remote past? Did Atlantis just disappear as Plato described? And could it have been the home of an advanced civilization that created the human race? Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explores the most recent discoveries related to the centuries old story of Atlantis. By investigating a series of clues, Tsoukalos endeavors to narrow down the possible location of Atlantis. Could evidence be found in a strange egg-shaped stone in Portugal? In.Search.of.Aliens.S01E01.The.Hunt.for.Atlantis.HDTV.XviD-AFG.avi
  10. Yusuf and Antonio are not your typical car hunters. They work in places no other car collector would dream about stepping foot - traveling inside lawless countries in search of rare, vintage cars owned by the local underworld. The payoff can be huge but so are the risks. Can the guys actually make their high stakes gamble work? And get out with their lives? Season One Chrome Underground S01E01 Hit and Run 720p x264-TERRA
  11. Evil Twins: There's something oddly fascinating about twins. Maybe it's the secret languages they create, their identical facade, or the rumors about how one can feel when the other is hurt. But when one twin turns bad, does the other stay pure of heart? Channeling sibling rivalries and deadly childhood pacts, Evil Twins follows true-crime mysteries surrounding real-life cases of these evil archetypes. Each episode reveals shocking stories of twins on the edge, from those who sleep with their twin's husband and set them up for murder to those who steal their identities and even come back from the dead. Season 1 Ep1..A Tale of Two Sisters Evil.Twins.S01E01.flv( 155.51 MB ) Ep2..Bad Seeds Evil.Twins.S1E2..flv( 155.67 MB ) Ep3..My Brother's Keeper Evil.Twins.S1E3..mp4( 187.78 MB ) Season 2 Ep1..Trust Fund Terror Evil.Twins.S02E01.flv( 154.93 MB ) Ep2..Tribe Of Two Evil.Twins.S02E02.mp4( 191.84 MB ) Ep3..Double Barrel Evil.Twins.S02E03.mp4( 220.04 MB ) Ep4..Donte and Dante's Inferno Evil.Twins.S02E04.mp4( 181.34 MB ) Ep5..Twisted Sisters Evil.Twins.S02E05.mp4( 187.69 MB )
  12. Chasing Maria Menounos: Oxygen Media takes viewers inside the mind and heart of TV personality Maria Menounos as she strives to have it all in the new half-hour docu-series “Chasing Maria Menounos”. Maria shares her personal life for the first time as she challenges expectations and makes untraditional choices while surrounded by tradition. Season One Ep1 Chasing Maria Menounos S01E01 Tick Tock Biological Clock WS DSR x264- 5BNY2 5D Ep2 Chasing Maria Menounos S01E02 WS DSR x264- 5BNY2 5D
  13. New series will feature some of the most awful, hilarious, grammatically-incorrect and just plain weird tattoos the country has ever seen. In each episode, a few lucky participants will be chosen to transform their interesting works of art into tattoo masterpieces. Working with famous artists like NY Ink's Megan Massacre, America's Worst Tattoos, will highlight the unfortunate tattoo's back story, the process of covering it up and the big reveal. Season 2 Ep1 americas.worst.tattoos.s02e01.hdtv.x264-daview.mp4
  14. Bravo unmasks the world of the booming, online dating culture from the male perspective on the new docu-series, “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” Series One Ep1 Online.Dating.Rituals.Of.The.American.Male.S01E01.Marcus.Alex.WS.DSR.x264-_NY2__wso.mp4 Ep2 Online.Dating.Rituals.Of.The.American.Male.S01E02.Brian.Ephraim.WS.DSR.x264-_NY2_.mp4.flv
  15. Harry Shearer and Henry Goodman star in a comedy drama revealing the extraordinary conversations that took place behind the closed doors of the Oval Office during President "I am not a crook" Nixon's time in office. Written by Shearer in collaboration with Dr Stanley Kutler, the historian whose lawsuit ensured the release of the long-suppressed Nixon tapes in 1997, the deadpan series draws on more than 2,000 hours of meetings and telephone conversations recorded by Nixon via a secret system he had installed in the White House. The result is an eye-opening and amusing insight into the paranoia, ego and secretive dealings of 'Tricky Dicky'. Rambling conversations, clumsy comments and awkward meetings expose Nixon's intimate, sly and fraught relationship with his close advisor Henry Kissinger (Goodman), his obsession with wire-tapping, his difficult relationship with the media and his anxiety over the East Coast intellectual establishment. The late Sir David Frost, who conducted a series of seminal interviews with the flawed US president in the 1970s, introduces each episode of unbelievable, yet completely true, White House conversations, while comedian and satirist Shearer (The Simpsons) brilliantly portrays the eccentricities of the tragi-comic American leader. Directed by Sasha Ransome and filmed in the style of a fly-on-the wall documentary, the series forms part of Sky Arts' acclaimed Playhouse Presents... strand and provides a funny and eyebrow-raising look at the wild musings of the 37th US President: a man whose thoughts, words and actions led to decisions that reverberated all over the world. Nixons.The.One.S01E01.720p._.x264.mkv
  16. US TV Catch My Killer is a series that showcases the country’s most dramatic and surprising cold cases and law enforcement’s elite Cold Case detectives who solve them. The series shows how time, technology and burdens of the past combine to reopen old cases and old wounds to take the audience on an emotional journey between past and present, as unsolved homicides are re-opened... solving haunting whodunit mysteries, putting those who ‘almost got away with it’ behind bars, and giving loved ones long-awaited answers to painful questions. Series 1 Ep.1 Double Dip Homicide Catchmykiller1s1US13.flv( 156.51 MB ) Ep.2 Little Runaway Catchmykiller2s1US13.mp4 (199.88 MB ) Ep.3 The Dearly Departed Catchmykiller3s1US13.mp4( 196.15 MB ) Ep.4 Dealing with the Devil Catchmykiller4s1US13.mp4( 170.37 MB) Ep.5 Blood Sacrifice Catchmykiller5s1US13.flv( 97.84 MB) Ep.6 The Good Girl Catchmykiller6US13.mp4( 173.39 MB )
  17. Outback Coroner is an observational documentary series that explores accidental and unexplained deaths in the most remote regions of Australia. This engaging and richly emotional series follows various coroners from all over Australia as they navigate time, distance, and suspicion and culture, in search of answers to mysterious and unexplained deaths. Viewers are taken inside the mindset and challenges confronting the coroner and his team, who search for the missing, carry out forensic investigations, conduct autopsies, and counsel the bereaved. Outback Coroner takes us inside towns, remote communities, families living on farms, camps, and stations, introducing a side of outback life never before seen. Season 1 Episode 1..Witham Outback.Coroner.s01e01.Witham.PDTV.x264.Hector_wso.mp4, 363.2 MB Episode 2..Gadd Knight Outback.Coroner.s01e02.Gadd.Knight.PDTV.x264.Hector_wso.mp4 Episode 3..Clitheroe and Tucker Outback.Coroner.s01e03.Clitheroe.and.Tucker.PDTV.x264.Hector_wso.mp4( 291.59 MB ) Episode 4..Cooke and Howell Outback.Coroner.S01E04-30.12.2013.mp4 Episode 5..Troppo Whayman & Clarke Outback.Coroner.s01e05.Troppo.Whayman._.Clarke.PDTV.x264.Hector.mp4 Episode 6..Rowcliff Autopsy Outback.Coroner.s01e06.Rowcliff.Autopsy.PDTV.x264.Hector.mp4 Episode 7.. Menrath & Fraser/Joblin & Maddern Outback.Coroner.s01e07.Menrath._amp_3B.Fraser.Joblin._amp_3B.Maddern.PDTV.x264.Hector.mp4 Episode 8..Clarke Roennfeldt Outback.Coroner.s01e08.Clarke.Roennfeldt.PDTV.x264.Hector_wso.mp4
  18. follows a group of travel nurses assigned to work at an Orange County, CA hospital for 12 weeks. Relocating from across the country, these nurses have left their hometowns and lives behind for short-term hospital contracts, with the added benefit of exploring a new city. Scrubbing.In.S01E01.HDTV.x264-YesTV_wso( 234.98 MB ) FLV Scrubbing.In.S01E02.HDTV.x264-YesTV FLV
  19. Documentary about life in the British Overseas Territory