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Found 906 results

  1. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7604980/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 http://www.tvmaze.com/shows/33385/rolling-stone-stories-from-the-edge A look at 50 years of the iconic magazine features interviews with and footage of journalists, photographers and performers who have graced its pages since it was launched by publisher Jann Wenner in 1967. Rolling Stone - Stories From The Edge S01E01 2017 WEBRip DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 605.23 MB https://openload.co/f/gzr8TWL1xK4/Rolling_Stone_-_Stories_From_The_Edge_S01E01_2017_WEBRip_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/6s79oug06b0e.html File size: 296.43 MB https://openload.co/f/ps-apli8icc
  2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6699498/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Award-winning comedian Rich Hall takes a country music journey from Tennessee to Texas to look at the movements and artists that don't get as much notoriety but have helped shape the genre over the years. With the help of prominent performers and producers including Michael Martin Murphey, Robbie Fulks and Ray Benson, Rich explores the early origins of country music in Nashville and Austin. He visits the rustic studios where this much-loved sound was born and discovers how the genre has reinvented itself with influences from bluegrass, western swing and Americana. Rich also explores how the music industries differ between these two cities and how they each generated their own distinct twist on the genre, from cosmic country and redneck country to the outlaw artists of the 1970s. Through Working Dog, a three-minute self-penned soap opera about a collie dog, Rich illustrates how different styles can change. Rich Hall's Countrier Than You 2017 WEB-DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1.36 GB https://openload.co/f/lGFH0vcNjy4/Rich_Hall's_Countrier_Than_You_2017_WEB-DL_HD720p_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/xwwyhair218z.html File size: 930.50 MB https://openload.co/f/eiFz_OFuG8k
  3. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5011714/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 The story of the legendary LA rock venue Whisky a Go Go, featuring interviews and classic archive performances from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Janis Joplin. A Shot of Whisky 2015 WEBRip DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1.24 GB https://openload.co/f/Gc8O9S_FaNA/A_Shot_of_Whisky_2015_WEBRip_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/bp6favvetkv8.html File size: 612.46 MB https://openload.co/f/2uRwNVqKZvs/
  4. Flash The Bodyguard (1992)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103855/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to a pop singer, whose lifestyle is most unlike a President's. The.Bodyguard.1992.720p.x264.BRRip.YIFY.mp4 https://openload.co/f/9JZI4PjYphY https://openload.co/f/MZDCfWdCzYo https://openload.co/f/DypU8nLOing https://vidzi.tv/1c0y2weoj6ru https://vidzi.tv/u3qx2x0hfujp
  5. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6333080/ This powerful documentary about the role of Native Americans in contemporary music history-featuring some of the greatest music stars of our time-exposes a critical missing chapter, revealing how indigenous musicians helped shape the soundtracks of our lives and, through their contributions, influenced popular culture. Rumble.The.Indians.Who.Rocked.the.World.2017.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF.mkv.mp4 File size: 1.00 GB https://openload.co/f/6GNZz0PfEsg/Rumble.The.Indians.Who.Rocked.the.World.2017.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF.mkv.mp4
  6. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4287080/?ref_=nv_sr_1 FREE TO ROCK is a 60 minute documentary film directed by 4 time Emmy winning filmmaker Jim Brown and narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. Ten years in the making, the film explores the soft power of Rock & Roll to affect social change behind the Iron Curtain between the years 1955 and 1991, and how it contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union and to ending the Cold War. Rock & Roll sounded the "chimes of freedom" in the hearts and minds of Iron Curtain youth. Inspiring its youth to demand freedom to listen, play and record rock music, to enjoy basic human rights and freedom from oppressive communist rule. The story follows the key political, musical and activist players in this real-life drama as the KGB cracked down hard with arrests, beatings, death threats and imprisonment. Thousands of underground rock bands with millions of passionate supporters inspire and fuel independence movements that eventually cause the Soviet communist system to implode without blood shed or civil war. free to rock 2017 webrip.mp4 File size: 411.89 MB https://openload.co/f/dsw78yHbOZ8/free_to_rock_2017_webrip.mp4 https://estream.to/vo4u6dngqynf.html
  7. No IMDB 01 Introduction 02 Easy Rider (Let the wind pay the way) 03 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 04 Butterfly Bleu 05 Credits stream Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida .avi File size: 710.97 MB https://estream.to/us5wdbssqdoo.html File size: 209.18 MB https://openload.co/f/zBmeBGC0LBY Download only https://openload.co/f/4xUufvLpWG0/Iron_Butterfly_-_In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida_.avi https://uploadkadeh.com/hgsm30c3irjy
  8. DivX Barracuda (2017)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5663298/ A strange woman comes to Texas to meet her half-sister and stake a claim to the family music legacy-one way or another. Directors: Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin Writer: Jason Cortlund Stars: Allison Tolman, Sophie Reid, JoBeth Williams Genres: Drama | Music | Thriller Country: USA | Poland Barracuda (2017) HDRip XviD AC3-EVO 1.4GB http://www.uploadbank.com/c2ga9m1al609 https://uploadkadeh.com/fi71dlffvznd
  9. PATTI CAKE$ is centered on aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, who is fighting an unlikely quest for glory in her downtrodden hometown in New Jersey. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6288250/ Patti.Cakes.2017.720p.BRRip.DailyFliX.XviD.avi, Size 1473 MB ClickNUpload: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=cu&f=avi&fs=1473&ip=ht3pf5325vw8 ClickNUpload: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=cu&f=avi&fs=1473&ip=zuw4pobu5xor FileRio: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=fr&f=avi&fs=1473&ip=weyyux49g00n UpToBox: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=ut&f=avi&ip=5kb4fay531mg Userscloud: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=uc&f=avi&fs=1473&ip=sz70my2glkx8 tusfiles.net: https://tusfiles.net/bqzu5en9yv8j uploadbank.com: http://www.uploadbank.com/o70bntwqibfr uploadbank.com: http://www.uploadbank.com/qk4oinfq8plw
  10. Flash Patti Cake$ (2017)

    PATTI CAKE$ is centered on aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, who is fighting an unlikely quest for glory in her downtrodden hometown in New Jersey. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6288250/
  11. Flash Patti Cake$ (2017)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6288250/ PATTI CAKE$ is centered on aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, who is fighting an unlikely quest for glory in her downtrodden hometown in New Jersey. Patti Cakes.2017.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi.mp4 https://openload.co/f/4IUtml9Q8LE/Patti_Cakes.2017.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi https://thevideo.io/mdmvsjjjtde5 https://estream.to/bs9brw677doo.html
  12. Flash The Ungovernable Force (2015)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3628704/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 The latest exploitation / Grindhouse feature film from Ungovernable Films, featuring all your favorite ungovernable motifs like sex, gore, violence, nudity, schlock, and laughs! Oh, and of course a social message! This time it's "fuck the police!" The Ungovernable Force 2015 720p DVDRip.mp4 File size: 1.08 GB https://openload.co/f/QtoXN-eiy-0/The_Ungovernable_Force_2015_720p_DVDRip.mp4 https://estream.to/nkphnr8onhzy.html
  13. No INFO Released 3rd November 2017 Behind-the-scenes archive documentary following Queen's Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon as they record their sixth album News of the World and embark on a groundbreaking tour of North America. By 1977, Queen had become a major headlining act in the UK, releasing chart-topping albums and singles as well as playing sell-out concerts in all the country's major venues. However, they were facing an increasingly hostile music press, who had a new favourite in punk and had turned against the elaborate, multi-layered recording techniques that had become the hallmark of the band's previous albums. But an unfazed Queen had their sights set on greater things. As the band announced plans to record their next album, the expectation was it would be another production extravaganza, but Freddie, Brian, Roger and John already had other ideas. News of the World showcased them at their most raw, simple and best, returning to their roots as a live act. With a self-imposed limit on studio time and produced entirely on their own for the first time, this stripped-back album took the fans and press by surprise and demonstrated Queen's ability to transcend fashions. It was to prove a seminal moment in the band's history. At the time, BBC music presenter Bob Harris was given exclusive and extensive access to the band to cover this period. Conducting insightful interviews with all four band members as well as filming them at work in the studio as they were planning and rehearsing their forthcoming North American Tour, and then following them as they performed across the US, Bob captured a band attempting to replicate their huge domestic success on the global stage. Curiously, the documentary he set out to make was never completed, and the footage lay unused in the archive until now. To mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the News of the World album, the footage has now been carefully restored and revisited to compile this hour-long portrait of a group setting out to take the next step on their remarkable journey to becoming one of the biggest bands on the planet. Armed with an array of new songs, including the monster hits We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, Queen dazzled the American audience and laid the foundations of a relationship that endures to this very day. Coming full circle, this film is bookended by footage shot in the summer of 2017 as Brian May and Roger Taylor took Queen back to the US with Adam Lambert as lead singer. Revisiting many of the cities they had performed in 40 years previously and including many of the songs from that 1977 album, they prove that despite the tragic loss of Freddie Mercury over 25 years ago, Queen can still rock the world. Queen Rock the World 2017 WEB-DL HD720p 50fps DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 2.13 GB https://openload.co/f/FzHWtxjqugc/Queen_Rock_the_World_2017_WEB-DL_HD720p_50fps_DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 608.53 MB https://estream.to/xorax9eeiypq.html https://openload.co/f/IAmqhml0A1E
  14. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7308404/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Harry Styles performs new tracks from his debut, number-one, solo album alongside cover versions of classic songs. BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw talks to Harry about his career. Harry Styles at the BBC 2017 WEB_DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 2.13 GB https://openload.co/f/seGInqNpY8o/Harry_Styles_at_the_BBC_2017_WEB_DL_HD720p_DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 604.45 MB https://estream.to/gz6g88kixish.html https://openload.co/f/D1i4-bh2pt4
  15. No INFO Looking back to Christmas 1977 with an irreverent portrait of the times, featuring unseen footage of The Sex Pistols. Director Julien Temple presents a unique insight into the tradition and transgression of Christmas. Featuring interviews and 70s archive, framing The Sex Pistols' last UK concert with Sid Vicious, for the children of striking firemen in Huddersfield on Christmas Day 1977. Christmas '77 with the Sex Pistols 2013 WEB-DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1.01 GB https://openload.co/f/rOMxx-R81eo/Christmas_'77_with_the_Sex_Pistols_2013_WEB-DL_HD720p_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/1esehaib9ik2.html File size: 588.22 MB https://openload.co/f/aFXsqjVtCjQ
  16. A father takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and meets up with an old friend who makes him feel inferior about his life's choices. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5884230/ Brads.Status.2017.720p.HC.HDRip.x264.AAC...Hon3y.mkv, Size 947 MB ClickNUpload: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=cu&f=mkv&fs=947&ip=bae85tzt63jw ClickNUpload: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=cu&f=mkv&fs=947&ip=oucak1l3g42c FileRio: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=fr&f=mkv&fs=947&ip=118mvhsw7hk3 UpToBox: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=ut&f=mkv&ip=hrxiw9tcq967 Userscloud: http://main.dailyflix.net/?t=uc&f=mkv&fs=947&ip=cd4k3lph3qfi tusfiles.net: https://tusfiles.net/r6xtkbh3kobf uploadbank.com: http://www.uploadbank.com/0zhcc3acc0mq uploadbank.com: http://www.uploadbank.com/lss76komt1nk
  17. Flash Brad's Status (2017)

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5884230/ A father takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and meets up with an old friend who makes him feel inferior about his life's choices. Brads.Status.2017.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO https://openload.co/f/x2BsHy0gWHU/Brads.Status.2017.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi https://openload.co/f/Pii0NlaoKJ8/Brads.Status.2017.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi https://openload.co/f/rcnf4lkUHfs/B-r-a-ds.St-a-tus.2017.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.avi Brads.Status.2017.720p.HC.HDRip.X264.AC3-EVO https://openload.co/f/P80TXbSSWcs/Brads.Status.2017.720p.HC.HDRip.X264.AC3-EVO.mkv
  18. IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5884230/ A father takes his son to tour colleges on the East Coast and meets up with an old friend who makes him feel inferior about his life's choices. Brads Status 2017 HC HDRip XviD AC3-EVO.avi (1.4 GB) http://www.uploadbank.com/ykhpumxf6fys https://uploadkadeh.com/yob4v2cbgach RELEASE: Brads.Status.2017.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO SOURCE: 1080p (DdHD) - Thanks luv! ViDEO: 1700 Kbps -2 Passes RESOLUTiON: 720x360 RUNTiME: 1h 41m 43s SUBTiTLES: Korean (Hardcoded) AUDiO: 192 Kbps AC3 2.0 LANGUAGE: ENGLiSH ENCODER: DdHD SPECIAL THANKS TO: King_DVD + DdHD + HITMAN NOTES: Enjoy.
  19. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4429072/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_4 The fascinating story of Jethro Tull, the classic rock band from Luton responsible for such classic hits as Aqualung, Living in the Past and Thick As a Brick. Classic Artists - Jethro Tull.mp4 File size: 1.91 GB https://openload.co/f/xAS6Tqp-s4o/Classic_Artists_-_Jethro_Tull.mp4 File size: 803.57 MB https://openload.co/f/FeRUvse3TNk
  20. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4429084/?ref_=nv_sr_1 A look at The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison and how he captured the world's imagination with his charisma and spoken word poetry passages. Classic Artists - Rock Poet.mp4 File size: 1.47 GB https://openload.co/f/PrerLN2DHrs/Classic_Artists_-_Rock_Poet.mp4 File size: 696.92 MB https://openload.co/f/FYn8Pv7huoQ
  21. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0196551/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 A documentary about the doors, made by the doors. It is filmed by two ucla mates of Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrisson. It shows the atmosphere between the members and a live version of The End. Feast of Friends 1970 RESTORED WEBRip DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 553.28 MB https://openload.co/f/I8fX7i4zRAE/Feast_of_Friends_1970_RESTORED_WEBRip_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/6k5if2pge7su.html File size: 257.92 MB https://openload.co/f/sBJbg7-8PJI
  22. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5256642/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 In celebration of the 40th anniversary of smash hit I'm Not in Love, the original members of 10cc - Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme - reunite to tell their story. The documentary shares the secrets to some of their most successful records, from the writing and the recording to the tours and the tensions. With contributions from an impressive array of music industry legends including 10cc's band manager Harvey Lisberg, lyricist Sir Tim Rice, broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, legendary producer Trevor Horn, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Graham Nash (The Hollies) and Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling), not only does this film highlight the diversity of these four brilliant musicians' songwriting talent, but it also delves into the influence they had, as well as the politics beneath their acrimonious split in 1976, at the height of their fame. Im Not In Love The Story of 10cc 2015 WEB-DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1.01 GB https://openload.co/f/lttP0-iXcFM/Im_Not_In_Love_The_Story_of_10cc_2015_WEB-DL_HD720p_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/xah1iv1yw0gk.html File size: 580.18 MB https://openload.co/f/Yn7dm6eIvEA
  23. Long strange trip part 6

    Missed part 6 the first time it came around http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4143508/
  24. No IMDB http://www.tvmaze.com/shows/32472/nile-rodgers-how-to-make-it-in-the-music-business The weekly series will take a look at the career of the multiple Grammy-award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as Nile Rodgers shares the secrets of his success, what it takes to make it to the very top of the music industry and how to stay relevant decade after decade. Nile Rodgers How to Make It in the Music Business S01E01 2017 WEB-DL DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1.00 GB https://openload.co/f/kQtxAOUr1BE/Nile_Rodgers_How_to_Make_It_in_the_Music_Business_S01E01_2017_WEB-DL_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/b5squ0fm9tz4.html File size: 582.20 MB https://openload.co/f/Fjh53TDwcRE/
  25. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7425338/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 In the 1980s a new generation of pirate radio stations exploded on to Britain's FM airwaves. Unlike their seafaring swinging 60s forerunners, these pirates broadcast from London's estates and tower blocks to create a platform for black music in an era when it was shut out by legal radio and ignored by the mainstream music industry. In the ensuing game of cat and mouse which played out on the rooftops of inner-city London across a whole decade, these rebel DJs used legal loopholes and technical trickery to stay one step ahead of the DTI enforcers who were tasked with bringing them down. And as their popularity grew they spearheaded a cultural movement bringing Britain's first multicultural generation together under the banner of black music and club culture. Presented by Rodney P, whose own career as a rapper would not have been possible without the lifeblood of pirate radio airplay, this film also presents an alternative history of Britain in the 1980s - a time of entrepreneurialism and social upheaval - with archive and music that celebrates a very different side of Thatcher's Britain. Featuring interviews with DJs, station owners and DTI enforcers - as well as some of the engineers who were the secret weapon in the pirate arsenal - this is the untold story of how Britain's greatest generation of pirate radio broadcasters changed the soundtrack of modern Britain forever. The Last Pirates Britain's Rebel DJs 2017 WEB-DL HD720p DAILYFLIX.mp4 File size: 1,011.81 MB https://openload.co/f/kruDypEIpQQ/The_Last_Pirates_Britain's_Rebel_DJs_2017_WEB-DL_HD720p_DAILYFLIX.mp4 https://estream.to/wi3lqvws6qih.html File size: 584.58 MB https://openload.co/f/orv6T1Vpx0Q/