Mysteries at the Museum (2010– )

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Episode Guide



Exploring the stories behind artifacts found in museums across America.

S02E07 - Shrunken Heads; Greeley Expedition; Broken Arrow

S02E08 - L.A. Raid, Bioterror, Automaton

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Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Lincoln Brass Knuckles, Pneumatic Subway, Karen Silkwood Murd Season 2, Episode 16

Sketches of otherworldly creatures said to have visited a Kentucky farm are examined at the Pennroyal Area Museum in Hopkinsville, Ky. Also visited: the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn.



Keely's Motor, Reagan Limousine, Audubon's Mystery Book Season 2, Episode 17

The host investigates a photographic negative that is possibly the only evidence of a controversial machine. Also examined: an armored limousine involved in an assassination attempt; a book containing illustrations of mysterious birds.



Lost Colony of Roanoke, Dr. Linda Hazzard, Deep Blue, Greenbrier Hotel Bunker, Death of Edgar Allan Poe, Liberty Bell 7 Season 2, Episode 18

The host examines a lock of hair linked to a famous author's mysterious death and a sunken space capsule that offers clues to a NASA disaster.


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Black Dahlia; French Angel; Sterling Hall Bombing

Don Wildman examines a mysterious box that holds clues to Hollywood's most infamous unsolved murder, inspects the strange bust of a grotesque figure and investigates a notorious and deadly domestic terrorist attack.


Hitchcock's Birds; Hope Diamond; Phineas Gage

The host examines a jar of strange, preserved creatures that inspired a famous horror film, and a legendary blue diamond rumored to bring bad luck to those who wear it.


Chowchilla Kidnapping, Texas City Disaster, Bezoar Stones

An old school bus used in the 1976 kidnapping of 26 children and their driver in Chowchilla, Cal., is on display at Bright's Pioneer Exhibit in Le Grand, Cal. Also examined: a ball of twine that played a key role in a deadly industrial accident; and a handful of humble-looking pebbles that were once prized more than silver or gold.

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