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Vera (2011-2012)

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Vera is a British detective television series based on the works of crime author Ann Cleeves. It stars Brenda Blethyn and is broadcast on ITV1.



S02E01 The Ghost Position. Vera ends up being reunited, under tragic circumstance, with her first ever Sergeant, Stuart Macken. After his house is petrol bombed, Stuart is left badly hurt and his 18 year old daughter, Stella is fighting for her life in intensive care. Vera is surprised to discover that Stuart is a shadow of the man she knew twenty years before and he ends up committing suicide by throwing himself from the hospital balcony. Vera becomes determined to catch the assailant and find out why somebody would attempt to kill Stuart and Stella.

S02E02 Silent Voices. Vera is called in to investigate the murder of a social worker called Jenny Lister. Working out the motive behind the murder of a woman who presented herself as honourable and well liked proves difficult. Vera and her team end up uncovering the failure of an understaffed and overworked social work system. Vera is determned to uncover the truth until she finds out the real secret at the heart of Jenny’s death.

S02E03 (delayed for legal reasons) Sandancers DCI Vera Stanhope and DS Joe Ashworth investigate a suspicious death in an army barracks. Although the scene has been made to look like a suicide, Vera quickly establishes that Staff Sgt 'Dev' Deverson was murdered. Sensing a connection to a soldier named Ollie who was killed in Afghanistan, Vera interviews Dev's loyal comrades and Ollie's grieving family, exposing a deeply concealed trauma at the heart of the crime.

S02E04 A Certain Samaritan. Last in series. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the murder of 29-year-old Niall Coulter. With those closest to Niall intent upon obscuring the truth, it is not until the body of a drug dealer is found washed up on a Northumberland beach that the dreadful truth begins to emerge about Niall’s past. While coping with revelations from her own past, Vera sifts through evidence of the grief, love and addiction that characterised Niall’s life and deduces that his murderer acted through selfless and unrequited love.

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 Hidden Depths
After two young people are killed in the same way – placed in water and surrounded by flowers – DCI Vera Stanhope knows that she must catch the murderer before they strike again. Aided by her team, especially her trusted right-hand man Sgt Joe Ashworth, she unpicks the complex and dysfunctional relationships amongst a group of bird-watching friends. As the friends’ loyalty turns to betrayal, Vera finds that a small act of teenage blackmail and an illicit affair may have driven someone to kill.




Telling Tales

After Jeanie Long’s suicide made the headlines evidence showed up which exonerated her for the murder of 15-year-old Abigail Mantel 11 years ago. Vera attempts to discover the identity of the real murderer and ends up exposing secrets and lies of a small community that continue to be rocked by the murder even now




The Crow Trap

After a murder happens at a remote cottage in Northumbria, DCI Vera Stanhope returns to an area full of childhood memories. It ends up reminding her of an unsolved case. She looks into the local politics surrounding a proposal to dig a quarry and discovers motives in the most unlikeliest of places.



vera.s01e04 avi

Little Lazarus

After woman is murdered in a hedgerow her son manages to survive the attack but he ends up falling beneath the ice on a nearby frozen pond as he attempts to escape. He is pulled from under the ice by Vera and against all the odds he survives. Vera discovers a kindred spirit in the boy as the investigation into his mother’s murder begins and she ends up coming to realise the key to solving the case lies buried in his memory.


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