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Two Kids Found This Creepy Secret In Their House

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#1 The Secret Door

When two brothers were playing in their new house, they bumped into what they thought was a bookshelf. Instead, the bookshelf moved, revealing a secret entrance way. Curious, the boys decided to see where the entrance led to. Together they moved the secret door and entered, not knowing what they would find. One brother was eating a banana, and both boys had their smart phones in hand, as they gathered the courage to learn more about their home.



#2 Spiral Staircase

Just beyond the entrance way was a black, metal spiral staircase, leading downward. When the boys peered down the dizzying stairs, it looked as if the stairs led to nowhere. In fact, it looked like it led to a wall, a dead end. Still curious, the boys decided to venture down the stairs to see what they could find. They must not have heard the old saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” So without alerting their parents, down they went.



#3 Descending The Staircase

The metal stairs were small and tightly wound, as the boys stepped carefully, heading downward. It wasn’t without fear that they proceeded, looking for where the stairs might lead. One step after another they descended into the darkness, unaware of what lay ahead, and of what could possibly be hidden in this wall. They must have seen this type of thing on Scooby Doo, but a real secret passage seemed to prove way to hard to resist.



#4 Crawl Space

About halfway down the stairs, they noticed a crawl space, just off the staircase. They had come this far, they must have felt compelled to go further. But, to crawl into a space no bigger than them, leading to who knows where, sounds a little scary to us. However, boys being boys, they pressed on, one after the other squeezing into the crawl space and through it, not knowing what to expect on the other side.



#5 The Hidden Room

After making it through the crawl space, they found a room. If it were just an ordinary room it would have been fun to turn into a club house, a place to hide from their parents, but instead they found objects. Upon closer investigation these objects seemed to come from someone who had been living in that little room in their house, for who know how long. Dolls, candy and, a blanket were amongst the items found. The candy was Halloween candy that belonged to the two boys, which the squatter apparently stole while they were out of the house and enjoyed in his or her secret room.



#6 A Female Doll

The dolls were strange looking, and not a modern day toy that you would expect a child to have. The female doll wore a hat and kerchief on her head, and a petticoat over her dress. Looking like she belong on the television show, Little House on the Prairie, it was hard to imagine what type of comfort this doll provided to their secret guests, as she stood on her stand ever so rigidly, staring without expression.



#7 The Male Doll

The male doll is another blast from the past. A doll that no child would probably play with in this day and age. Looking more like a statue, with eyes that stare eerily. Dressed in a suit with a bandana around his neck and hat on his head. What were they doing with this doll is beyond our grasp. How old were these people? Were they children? How did they get in and out of the room?



#8 A Skeleton Key

Where does this key go to? One has to wonder if there is another room somewhere. Or maybe that key is the way they got into the room from some other door. It’s hard to imagine why they would leave without the key, which may lead us to believe that they might be in there still, hiding somewhere. Maybe the room leads to a tunnel that goes throughout the house, like in the old time mansions that the help used to get from one room to another.



#9 The Elephant

This small elephant was found along with the candy and dolls, but what’s does it mean? Such an odd item to be carrying around with you. It looks like a knick knack that someone would have on a shelf, not a toy. Who are these people that sneak into secret rooms and what significance would an elephant have to their lives? These disjointed items leave a trail of confusion in their wake as two boys have a big story to tell at school.



#10 A Normal Room

Would you suspect this room of being anything but normal if you just moved in? It looks like a den or office with a bookcase full of books. Knowing what we know now, it makes you realize how looks can be deceiving, and that you think you are seeing is not really the reality of what it is. How long would it have taken for the boys parents to figure out that the secret door existed, and would the people have continued living in there until then? This seems to be a mystery that will never be solved.



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That room would so be in use ;). That banana looks recent, I wonder if the key locks the bookcase somehow considering it moved (not locked) when the kids fell into it.

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trippy id set up some boobie traps n catch the squatter 

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Something's fishy here... 

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