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Babylon 5 Collection by Various Authors

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The epic sci-fi series Babylon 5 was a unique experiment in the history of television. It was effectively a novel for television in five seasons, consisting of 110 episodes with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The first season introduced characters and plot points that developed and evolved over the whole 5 seasons.

A feature of the Babylon 5 Universe is the sanctioned canonicity of many of its offshoot novels; nearly all of the Babylon 5 novels and novelizations to date having been based on outlines written directly by JMS.

All the published, licensed Babylon 5 tie-in novels and stories have been collected here and edited into epub format.

For extras I have included the Mongoose stories as they were licensed though not officially endorsed by JMS. Also, Claudia Christian's memoir and story. Finally, I included the Crusade script JMS released showing what the last episode of season 1 Crusade would have been.

33 Babylon 5 Tie-In Novels & Stories


Stand-alone Novels
Only Books 7 & 9 are considered canon.
1 Voices - John Vornholt
2 Accusations - Lois Tilton
3 Blood Oath - John Vornholt
4 Clark's Law - Jim Mortimore
5 The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name - Neal Barrett, Jr.
6 Betrayals - S. M. Stirling
7 The Shadow Within - Jeanne Cavelos
8 Personal Agendas - Al Sarrantonio
9 To Dream in the City of Sorrows - Kathryn M. Drennan


The Psi Corps
written by J. Gregory Keyes
1 Dark Genesis - The Birth of the Psi Corps
2 Deadly Relations - Bester Ascendant
3 Final Reckoning - The Fate of Bester

Legions of Fire
written by Peter David.
1 The Long Night of Centauri Prime
2 Armies of Light and Dark
3 Out of the Darkness

The Passing of the Techno-Mages
written by Jeanne Cavelos.
1 Casting Shadows
2 Summoning Light
3 Invoking Darkness


Babylon 5: In the Beginning - Peter David
Babylon 5: Thirdspace - Peter David
Babylon 5: A Call to Arms - Robert Sheckley

Short Stories

Genius Loci - J. Michael Straczynski
Hidden Agendas - J. Michael Straczynski
Space, Time and the Incurable Romantic - J. Michael Straczynski
The Shadow of His Thoughts - J. Michael Straczynski
The Nautilus Coil - J Gregory Keyes
True Seeker - Fiona Avery


Ranger Dawning - Richard Ford
Baptism of Fire - Claudia Christian
Visions of Peace: A Rangers Novel - Matthew Sprange
Red Fury - Claudia Christian
Babylon Confidential - Claudia Christian autobiography
Crusade Script: End of the Line - JM Straczynski


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Just wanted say thanks to kwaka for posting the B5 books. Awesome collection. I am huge fan of the show but living on very modest means so I was very happy to discover this on the net, I especially appreciated the recommended reading order as I'm sure it will enhance the reading experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in continuing the journey into the B5 universe.

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